Gallery & Video: What happened to Connie Talbot?

She stole the hearts of the nation as the angelic little girl with the sensational singing voice and gap-toothed grin when she auditioned for Britain's Got Talent.

Now almost seven years later and at the age of 13, the Streetly singer is still proving a hit with an army of fans across the world.

The teenager has more than 158,000 Twitter followers and most recently performed to sell-out crowds in South Korea. 

Forthcoming concerts will be in Indonesia and Taiwan this summer, and she met a string of famous faces from George Clooney and Carly Rae Jepson to The Wanted.

Despite worldwide fame she has managed to stay grounded and still attends school in the West Midlands, rather than have a home tutor, and tours are planned around her holidays.

Her success has only helped to whet the appetite for more and Connie has dreams of going on to become a fully-fledged pop star.

“Hopefully in the future I will be doing my own songs and practising instruments,” she tells us, shortly after arriving home from playing out with friends.

“I would really like to be a pop star. I like Taylor Swift.”

Connie shot to prominence in 2007 when she wowed Simon Cowell and his fellow judges with a rendition of Over the Rainbow.

Her debut album went on to sell over 250,000 copies and reached number one in three countries. 

Since then whenever the youngster has posted recordings of herself on YouTube they have received millions of hits.

The worldwide draw she continues to have was further proven on her recent trip to Korea.

She performed in three sell-out concerts with 1,200 fans each time during a week-long tour during the Easter break.

It promoted her album Beautiful World, but also coincided around the time of the tragic ferry disaster which rocked the whole country and made headlines across the world.

It saw the kind-hearted teenager pledge to donate profits from her concerts to help families of the victims.

“It was really sad, everyone was really down over there. I had heard it all over the news,” Connie says.

“I felt really bad for all the people, they are so welcoming, it was just unbelievably tragic.”

And of the decision to donate to the cause, she admits: “Everyone was really grateful, it was the least we could do.” Her mother Sharon says it was a sad experience, but the reaction to Connie had been fantastic.

“It was such a sad time to go with the ferry incident,” she says.

“But she had such a welcome to Korea. They just loved her.

“There were people turning up who couldn’t get a ticket and they were waiting.

“We went shopping around the local market and everyone knew who she was, some would ask for a picture but others would just smile and let us carry on.”

Her success in music has given the schoolgirl the chance to visit the world and perform in front of thousands of fans, the most believed to be around 25,000 at the O2 Arena.

Sharon says it is has been an experience for the entire family and great opportunity for them to have travelled the globe. Occasionally Sharon and husband Gavin, 46, will take Connie’s brother Joshua, 20, and sister Mollie, 18 along for the ride. 

“It has been interesting seeing different cultures and the world and meeting really nice people.  It has given Connie the opportunity to see the world – she wouldn’t have been to all these place that she has otherwise. The biggest thing is life experience.”

Despite other interests like any other teenager girl it is still music which plays an important part in Connie’s life.

“She is doing a lot of song-writing herself to make it in England she realises you have got to get your own material together,” says Sharon.

“In her heart she would like to be a pop star.

“I think she will do pop ballads, maybe like Beyonce.

“It is her dream to hopefully write some good songs and be part of the next generation of music.

“I don’t think there has ever been a day in her life she hasn’t been singing she was little. She wakes up singing.

“She also loves playing the piano, she loves her sport and playing her netball and socialising with her friends.”

Even with her fame, education still remains at the forefront for Connie, and maintaining her friends group.  The fact many of them have grown up knowing what Connie does has meant she is treated no different from others.

“Connie loves school. We never have to ask her to do any homework,” her mother said.

“There is no way she would ever go out of school. Some have tutors or home schooling but she is not one for that. She loves being with her friends.” 

Connie agrees. “I do like to be at school,” she adds, saying that her favourite subjects are music, English and art. 

“I do a lot of practising on the piano and guitar,” she adds.

Connie regularly treats fans to her favourite songs recorded to camera at her home and then uploaded on YouTube.

But the video which still reigns supreme is her Britain’s Got Talent audition in which she blew the audience away with Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It has attracted more than 122 million views.

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