Video: BGT's Bars and Melody storm Merry Hill

A thousand screaming fans queued for hours to meet Britain’s Got Talent stars Bars and Melody.

Video: BGT's Bars and Melody storm Merry Hill

HMV Merry Hill Centre, Dudley, Bars and Melody signing. L-R: Chalie Lenehan and Leondre Devries

The young duo, who are 13-year-old Leondre ‘Bars’ Devries and Charlie ‘Melody’ Lenehan, aged 15, were at Merry Hill’s HMV store yesterday to sign CDs and meet their young devotees.

The pair, who met on Facebook, shot to stardom two months ago in the television talent show, and are this week looking to get to number one in the charts with their first single, Hopeful.

But they already seem to be number one with the hundreds of girls who came out to meet them yesterday, with the queue snaking around most of the first floor of the shopping centre.

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And Bars & Melody are genuinely overwhelmed by everything that has happened to them since their appearance on the show. Before the signing, Leondre said: “It’s been absolutely amazing.

“I was striving towards something like this but never thought of anything of this level. I thought I might get 100 to 200 people liking my music, so I never expected even one per cent of this. You can’t understand how shocking it is to think we are doing an HMV signing with thousands of girls.”

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The two met through mutual friends on Facebook and started writing music together, before trying out Britain’s Got Talent, which was their first time performing in front of so many people.

Charlie said: “Britain’s Got Talent was the first time we did anything together but it seems to have paid off.

“Hopefully we will have another single, then you never know.

“We are in talks about other things at the moment, but we just write and write, it’s all we do, so it’s exciting times.”

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