Review: Jump the Shark

Find out why we love Jump the Shark.

Review: Jump the Shark

2015 has been a crazy year for Jump the Shark. In February, the four piece, consisting of Tasha Jones, vocals and drums, Theo Williams, guitar, Jon Murphy, guitar and Matt Gregory on bass, found themselves winning a Brit trophy for the Big Music Project’s ‘Next Brit Thing’ award.

Now, on Monday, the band are set to play at The Sunflower Longue in Birmingham, alongside Tuff Love and The Jacarandas.

So why’s everyone talking about these Wolverhampton based, indie fuelled musicians? I took a listen to their E.P ‘Going Home’ to find out - and I was not disappointed.

Jump the Shark are one of those bands that I find very hard to place on the scale of genres. Tasha’s voice reminds me a lot of Paramore’s front woman Hayley Williams (even though I hate comparing front women to her as I know it’s over done), whilst the band’s melodies and riffs reflect the B Town boom that saw the likes of Swim Deep and Peace rising to fame. 

To put it bluntly, ‘Going Away’ is like listening to summer. It’s happy, catchy and uplifting. It’s the sort of music I’d put on my iPod if I was on a sunny train journey on the way to meet my best friend.

The title track really showcases Tasha’s vocals well, allowing us to hear the real power that resonates from her voice. It’s a gentle anthem, encapsulating happy vibes and putting them into six minutes of wonderful sound.  Whilst ‘English Rain’ is a more folky take on the band, beautiful harmonies showcase throughout another uplifting tune with a deep and reflective meaning.

Now, I couldn’t avoid commenting on the song that the guys performed on the O2 stage in London. ‘There’s Always One’ sounds very Brit-Pop amongst the band’s other tracks - it’s as though Noel Gallagher got all funky and went surfing.

Overall verdict? Very good. Jump the Shark are perfect to brighten up a dull grey day in the West Midlands with their pure beach party vibes. 

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