Review: Faithless, V Festival 2016

In many ways Faithless are the perfect band for V Festival.

Review: Faithless, V Festival 2016


Both celebrate their 21st birthday this year and while V does come in for stick due to its often strange choices of acts for a festival, Faithless tick so many boxes that they bring the reputation of the weekend up a notch.

Organisers made a wise decision booking the dance act as MTV stage headliners opposite Justin Bieber.

Any non-Beliebers who simply couldn't drag themselves to watch his show were given one last chance to push their weekend to a higher level in a set crammed with dance classics.

Charismatic frontman Maxi Jazz was master of ceremonies, keeping the crowd in sync with the atmospheric and powerful music coming from the stage.

It was the end of a long weekend and a few hours of rain before their set didn't help things but they did a great job of bringing things to a close for the more old school V fan.

Insomnia was an obvious highlight, a real crossover festival anthem that got the biggest cheer of the night, as would be expected.

Dance music can either be hit or miss at a festival, especially in an outdoor setting rather than a tent, but nobody does dance at festivals like Faithless.

They may not have the edge of The Prodigy or the modern pull of David Guetta but there are more fans out there than you would think.

The band seemed to be enjoying the moment too, as they gave their crowd the finale they deserved.

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