Review: Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, Barclaycard Arena

It is a show which has captivated generations for more than 50 years.

And last night fans were taken on a thrilling journey through time and space as Dr Who was brought to life by a series of impressive performances  which paid testament to the power of music.

And aliens - they were key too.

Leading the show was the hilarious fifth Doctor Peter Davison, who had audiences in stitches throughout as he argued with the Daleks and made humorous references to the 'family' of former Doctors.

But Davison was far from the only treat in store for the Barclaycard Arena crowds, as the huge orchestra and choir were conducted by the main man responsible for the music of Dr Who since 2005 - the incredibly talented composer Ben Foster.

And what wonderful music it was. Performed by the show's own BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Chorus of Wales, the music truly had crowds on the edge of their seats, provoking both laughter and sadness as the top clips from hundreds of episodes spanning the last 50 years played on screen above, covering a range of topics from Daleks and Pandorica, to the Doctor's companions.

As the stunning sounds of the longest-running sci-fi series poured through the arena, aliens of all varieties began to creep out from behind the scenes - with timeless classics the Daleks and the Cybermen taking over the stage as Oods and Vampires of Venice slinked through the crowds sparking giggles and squeals from across the venue.

Though it was a show largely based around classical music, the Birmingham city centre venue was packed with fans aged from seven to 70. And, as they were all glued to the show throughout the evening, they too stood in unison as the entire venue celebrated the excellent performance with a standing ovation. And it deserved no less.

It was a truly spectacular show last night. And, as it was just one of six performances of the show on its first UK tour, one can only hope it will return to the Midlands soon. 

By Kirsten Rawlins

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