Review & Gallery: New Kids On The Block, NIA

They may no longer be kids, or even new - and their audiences of screaming teeangers may now be thirty something mums with kids of their own.

But move over One Direction, the New Kids on the Block are back and better than ever.

Twenty-five years ago they packed arenas, had screaming teenagers in a frenzy and sold millions of records. In fact they became one of the best selling bands of all time.

Fast forward and not a lot has changed. Yes we may all be older, but that doesn't mean the Kids still can't pack a punch and whip a crowd into a frenzy

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With my BFF by my side, yes the same one from 25 years ago, and the same level of excitement we had as 12-year-olds, we went along to "Get intimate with NKOTB."

The line-up of Donnie Wahlberg, brothers Jordan and Jonathan KnightJoey McIntyre, and Danny Wood  definitely started with a bang on Saturday. Opening with Crash and other more recent hits Summertime, The Whisper, 10 and The Block it warmed the crowd up nicely, with the best yet to come.

They then took us on a journey through their own, probably more well known hits like, You Got It (the right stuff), Step by Step and Didn't I Blow Your Mind.

Next came the impromptu appearance of the Kids as they stepped out in to the crowd to belt out Block Party and Tonight - a personal highlight I might add.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, they then thrilled the adoring fans by covering hits from the Backstreet Boys, Take That and George Michael.

All of which were gratefully lapped up by the predominantly 30-something female crowd.

After the mad frenzy of having got so up close and personal with them had subsided a little, they continued with other well known hits Games and I'll Be Loving You Forever.

They've proven they can still entertain and still sing brilliantly, Jordan's vocals were particularly good on Hangin' Tough, and with more than 20 songs, the fans certainly got their money's worth.

You get a sense they're having a lot more fun with their fans now, they have after all grown up with them. They still have their choreographed dance routines and a few costume changes but their voices have matured and the (slightly) less hysterical screaming meant we could appreciate that and them.

All in all they did exactly what they promised. It was much more intimate and for me, just as entertaining.

By Clare McCarthy

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