Gallery and review: Dapper Laughs, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

Was he offensive? Not really. Was he funny? Not in my opinion.

Gallery and review: Dapper Laughs, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

Dapper on stage at the Slade Rooms

But as Dapper himself said to me after the show, comedy is subjective. So what does my opinion matter? I may not have laughed, but all 350 people or so in the 550 capacity Slade Rooms did. 

They laughed from the beginning to the end and they’re the real critics, the real judges of Dapper Laughs as a comedian. They were almost queueing out the door to get a picture with him at the end and they were queuing all the way up Broad Street before the gig waiting to get in. 

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As Dapper and MC Vapour admitted to me at the end of the show, Wolverhampton’s crowd was the best they had come across all tour. 

Dapper’s set started with Vapour, his chosen hype man for the 12-date tour, trying to get the crowd ‘pumped’ - for want of a better word. His raps over loud beats seemed so far removed from Dapper Laughs’ routine that it could have been two separate gigs, but it was ok.

The crowd enjoyed it but they were static as they eagerly awaited the appearance of Mr Laughs, real name Daniel O’Reilly.

They didn’t have to wait long, after 10 minutes or so he emerged from the side of the stage to huge cheers from the crowd. 

The first half from Dapper was a struggle for me in all honesty. I found it borderline offensive on several occasions, especially when he quipped about the BBC and the historic child abuse scandal which drew a groan from the audience, as well as his impression of a hard of hearing Indian man who was his supposed anger management councillor after the character was temporarily retired last year.

The now infamous Newsnight appearance, in which Dapper Laughs was retired during an interview with Emily Maitlis, came up twice in the first half.

First brought up by MC Vapour, which prompted a shout of ‘f*** Newsnight!’ from one audience member, and later by Dapper after which someone called him a ‘p***y’ for his interview. 

Other topics touched upon in the first half were ginger haired people or ‘gingers’ and ‘fatties’... Charming. 

I found the jokes to be bitter and juvenile, but the crowd enjoyed it and laughed throughout.

After a succession of jokes about women, Dapper announced: ‘I’m only joking, first half I take the p*** out of the girls, second half I take the p*** out of the lads’. True to his word he did, and the second half was a marked improvement.

Daniel proclaimed to me in a previous interview that his Dapper Laughs act is not misogynistic and it does not promote rape, it merely takes the mick out of lad culture. I found this wide of the mark in the first half but in the second half this is exactly what he produced.

Dapper talked about being a lad growing up and called upon lots of home truths. It was observational comedy and the audience absolutely loved it.

I’m not going to detail exactly what topics he touched upon as I’ve only just landed this rather cushty job, but I am not ashamed to admit that he hit home on various occasions and brought a smile to my face. 

His delivery and demeanour remained crude and brash, perhaps the reason I never drew more than a smile, but he was certainly not offensive.

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MC Vapour returned to the stage with Dapper at the end of the gig to perform Dapper’s song ‘proper moist’ which, according to Vapour, peaked at number 15 in the charts ahead of Beyonce. 

I didn’t see her in last night’s audience to gage her reaction but I can’t imagine she’s overly fussed. 

Just before he went off stage to rapturous applause, Dapper promised a photograph with every fan who wanted one.

After a quick chat with me backstage, in which he was very honest and polite, he duly obliged and headed back out to see his fans and grab a photo with each and every one of them - classy.

In the end I could write a review praising him or slating him, but it’s those fans who paid their money to see him who are the real critics, and every one of them went home with a smile on their face.

Dapper Laughs wasn’t for me, but he was for everyone else.

By Jack Averty

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