Comedian Romesh Ranganathan announces Shrewsbury debut

TV comic Romesh Ranganathan will make his Shrewsbury debut on Sunday with a new show exploring the rationality of his world-view.

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan announces Shrewsbury debut

Romesh Ranganathan will be at Theatre Severn

Irrational will see Romesh examine the issues close to his heart, and explain why everybody else is wrong about them, at his Theatre Severn show.

The last few years have seen an incredible rise for the comedian, with two critically-acclaimed Edinburgh Festival shows, Rom Wasn’t Built In A Day and Rom Com. They were nominated for the coveted Edinburgh Festival Awards for Best Show 2014 and Best Newcomer in 2013. 

He said: “The show is about my viewpoints on things and I’m working out whether I’m being irrational or whether I’m the only one that’s got it right. I talk about Gogglebox being a sign of the end of days, though its popularity suggests that I’m wrong and everyone else is right.

“But the idea that people are entertaining when they watch television is a fallacy. They need to set up a camera in my room and watch a chubby man vegetating in silence.

“I’ll talk about things that I find interesting at the time, so at the moment there are certain things that I’m thinking about that I wasn’t considering a couple of months ago.

“For your own interest and to feel proud of the show, you have to keep it as up-to-date in terms of your thought process that you can.”

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