Seedy Sonics hit fans with a burst of dirty bass

Whether it was the foot stomping sounds of Shenoda or the liquid lucidity of Lenzman - a well presented variety of talent was prominent at The Rainbow in Birmingham.

The passion displayed by the crowd was more amorous than could ever be expected from a typical wine-and-dine meal for two on Valentine's Day.

The lights complimented the mood, the vibe was friendly and the music was spot on.

Fans enjoyed a sound system that was absolutely phenomenal, the kind that shot straight through them with bass so dirty they wanted to clean their ears out.

A bumper crowd was spread evenly throughout the venue, making for optimum floor space and ultimate skanking.

There was more love in those three rooms than on the top floor of the Hilton last night; Route 94 was the highlight of everyone’s evening and didn’t keep the ravers waiting for ‘My Love’ – dropping it 24 minutes into his set and teasing the crowd in and out of an extended mix.

Drum and bass headliner Lenzman showed his appreciation, tweeting: “Yes Birmingham you guys were sick tonight. See you next time”.

Those looking for a night of quality selection and vibrant atmosphere can enjoy a re-run soon.

The next installment of Seedy Sonics promises to be even bigger and better than ever with the likes of Icicle, Phaeleh and New York Transit Authority at The Rainbow Venues on 21 March.

By Suzie Parsons
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