Top wine bars in the Midlands and Shropshire

Here in the Midlands and Shropshire we are spoilt for choice with establishments that specialise in delivering customers top-quality wine to suit every taste.

Top wine bars in the Midlands and Shropshire

Nothing completes a day like a quality glass of wine

In no particular order, here's our top picks of wine bars across the local area:

All Bar One - Brindley Place, Birmingham

General view of All Bar One in Brindleyplace, a large mixed-use canalside development, in the centre of Birmingham. It is a few minutes walk away from where the bodies of two women, in their early 20s, were found in the up-market Jupiter Buildings apartments on Ryland Street. Credit: Lawrence Looi / 16/9/2008 (15866009)
Delve into the Wine Library at All Bar One

Despite commonly being classed as a cocktail bar with their extensive menu and various master-classes available, All Bar One also has an extensive and specialised wine list available.

You can relax and browse through their extensive Wine Library that has picks from across the globe teamed with descriptions and food matches to options from their very own menu.

Online you can also see what wine All Bar One are loving at the moment with their interactive Wine Of The Moment blog

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Hotel Du Vin - Church Street, Birmingham

Grand entrance – Hotel du Vin & Bistro is situated in a striking Victorian building in Church Street, Birmingham, dating back to 1884
This Landmark Victorian hotel can satiate your wine-based desires

Once an eye hospital, this landmark Victorian building built in 1884, makes a grand setting for one of the finest hotels in Birmingham with a fantastic wine selection

The Cellar Bar underneath Hotel du Vin Birmingham and has been officially voted into The Good Beer Guide 2013 and is home to 15 expert in-house sommeliers and a collection of over 500 wines from across the globe.

You can find something for everyone - from complex vintages to taste and relish, to a simplified wine to drink by the bottle and chat the night away.

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Monty's Wine Bar - Sedgley, Dudley

Monty's Bar in Sedgley
Monty's Wine Bar in Sedgley offers cost-effective wines for a variety of themed evenings

Within the quaint settings of Sedgley lies a hidden gem by the name of Monty's Wine Bar, offering a great selection of wine's until the early hours of the morning.

For over 17 years Monty's Wine Bar has offered a wide selection of wines with drinks selections making wine as cost-effective as ever.

The bar is also known as a family-friendly sports bar and also offers a range of events and club nights so you can consume their selection, whatever your taste in evenings out may be.

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Wroxeter Roman Vineyard - Wroxeter, Shrewsbury

Wroxeter Award
Award-winning Wroxeter Roman Vineyard offer an entertaining and informative look into the world of wine making

You can admire the niche passion of wine-making right from the source at Wroxeter Roman Vineyard as well as learning everything about the vineyard itself and the history of the craft.

Take part in the exquisite wine-tasting courses on offer combined with a tour of the vineyard and an extensive and fun history lesson of the craft itself with over 25 years of love and passion in every line.

All of the handmade wines you taste are available to buy both onsite and online with even more varieties available, and supports one of the few family-run vineyards in the Midlands and Shropshire

Slater's - Queen Square, Wolverhampton

Known for their craft ales and ciders, Slater's also have some fantastic wine selections too

Though known as ale specialists, Slater's of Wolverhampton have expanded to include a wide selection of wines amongst their repertoire that they are constantly innovating. 

With a rustic ambience and friendly staff, if local craft ales and cider are not your thing you can choose from a number of locally-sourced and well-known wines that can be paired with any of their handmade, delicious dishes.

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Kalpana Dining - Fold Street, Wolverhampton

Pair delectable wines with exotic food dishes at Kalpana Dining

A love of international travel and food has inspired the creation of Kalpana Dining, coupled with an extensive alcohol and cocktail menu overall before even delving into their collection of wines.

Their selection incorporates wines from across the globe supplied by Addison Wines, renowned for their variety and keen passion for delivering quality beverages. 

Wines can be paired with each exotic dish on every food menu within Kalpana Dining with the help of the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

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Loki Wine Merchant and Tasting House - Great Western Arcade, Birmingham

Loki Wine
Loki Wine are the most awarded wine bar and merchant in Birmingham

Loki is Birmingham's most awarded Wine Merchant and wine bar, and the only place in Birmingham where you can try 40 wines by-the-glass in their exquisite wine lounge.

Loki have a range of over 600 wines from boutique or rare producers to drink onsite or take away by the bottle.

All through your experience you will be guided along by Loki's wine experts who can find exactly the wine that will suit your experience and tastes.

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Annexe - Corporation Street - Birmingham

Annexe Bar
Annexe is a hidden gem with over 75 wines to wow your taste buds

This nostalgic vintage cafe specialises in European dishes, entertainment and a varied selection of wines.

Their Annexe Wine Bar allows you to escape to a timeless place where you can experiment with brand new tastes and flavours of over 75 wines from simple quality to vintage classics with a selection of meats and cheese on offer to accompany them.

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Frollies Wine Bar and Grill - High Street, Whitchurch

Frollies Wine Bar offers much, much more than a wide selection of wine

Frollies are not just an exceptional wine bar but they also offer a mix of fresh coffees and teas, a fully-stocked bar, cakes and ever-changing specials to wow customers.

Travel across the globe with their array of simple house wines and exotic choices available both by the glass and by the bottle paired with their wide food menu on offer daily.

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The French Pantry - Ludlow

the french pantry inside
The French Pantry is a vibrant addition to Ludlow's eating scene

Multi-award winning hidden gem The French Pantry provides yet another addition to Ludlow's vibrant eating scene with an even more vibrant wine list.

Wines are available both by the glass or bottle and come with knowledge about their place of origin, year of creation, and in-depth description of taste with staff on the floor armed with useful recommendations paired with their handmade dishes.

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Adam's Restaurant - Waterloo Street, Birmingham

Adam's Bar
Adam's Restaurant set up in the wake of an old sandwich shop and has served quality wine ever since

Adam's Restaurant offers traditional British dining in the heart of Birmingham and was opened in 2013 by husband and wife team Adam and Natasha in a former sandwich shop.

Their wines are served by the glass, half bottle and bottle with fine wines served using Coravin, and come with information regarding their year, place of origin and taste description to be accompanied by their award-winning tasting or course dishes.

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Bacchus Bar - Burlington Arcade, Birmingham

Bacchus Bar
Bacchus Bar is a hidden gem in the heart of Birmingham

Bacchus Bar is one of Birmingham's best kept secrets, hidden away in the heart of the city it is proud to serve a wide array of quality alcohols, including wine.

Though known for their ales and gins, Bacchus provides a selection of wines that change as the seasons go by and come with friendly and chatty descriptions of the dishes and occasions that they would go great with, to appeal to those who have a limited knowledge of different wines.

Their wines are available both by the glass and bottle and their ever-changing nature keeps the menu fresh and vibrant.

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The Grain Store - Wolverhampton

The Grain Store
The Grain Store offers wine in an even larged Magnum option

The Grain Store Wine Bar and Eatery offers a relaxing atmosphere by day and a vibrant club scene of a night, with wine to go with every occasion.

Their wine list comes with a simple key to judge the taste, origin and more of the wine and leaves more room for even more choices.

They also offer the option of a magnum or 'large' bottle of wine to take indulgence to the next level.

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Bailey's Wine Bar and Bistro - High Street, Bridgnorth

Bailey's Wine Bar and Bistro offer wine for every taste

Bailey's Wine Bar and Bistro is full of character and charm with good food, sumptuous wine and delicious coffee to boot.

Whether you want a light lunch or a hearty meal there's a wine to pair with any choice with the latest addition of Tanner's Wines to their already extensive collection to suit everybody's tastes.

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Carters of Moseley - Moseley, Birmingham

The epitome of a modern restaurant, Carters of Moseley offer an exquisite dining experience that has earned them a Michelin Star, coupled with an even more opulent choice of wines.

Their Front Of House team are there to guide you through your experience and create the passionate atmosphere they are known for, telling the story of each wines origin and their complementary dish on the menu.

Each wine is available in various sized glasses and also by the bottle.

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