Top 20 themed bars in the Midlands and Shropshire

Do you ever wake up and think today you want to be a pirate, then a Victorian, then a gardener, then an explorer, then maybe move to the Caribbean for a bit? Well right here in the Midlands and Shropshire it's entirely possible - and you can couple it with cocktails.

Top 20 themed bars in the Midlands and Shropshire

In the Midlands and Shropshire we have a range of themed bars to take you into another world

Here in the Midlands and Shropshire we have a variety of themed bars that transport you into another world, along with quality food and exquisite drinks for you to sample. Here in no particular order, are our top picks:

The Alchemist - Colmore Row, Birmingham

The Alchemist
The Alchemist will open on September 26

You won't need a love potion to fall head-over-heels with Birmingham's brand new laboratory offering - The Alchemist.

The Alchemist champions molecular mixology and the alchemy behind cocktails, celebrating the world of science and all things dark.

Bunsen burners, smoking guns, and blowtorches are at hand to make these cocktail creations, both upstairs and in their secret underground bar - The Lab

The Botanist - Temple Street, Birmingham

Chic and unique – but The Botanist is part of a chain
Do you have a green finger? Get down to the Botanist and sample their all-natural treats

Known for it's quirky and suave decoration, get your gardening gloves on and step inside The Botanist - the green-fingered cocktail bar.

The Botanist utilises natural fruits, herbs and spices to create it's own-brand cocktails and watering can concoctions, served in an actual watering can.

This use of natural ingredients moves into it's food menu that takes inspiration from artisan deli's with a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten free options.

You can delve into the Plant Rooms and step back into the eighteenth century, a time of global exploration where travellers discovered an array of exotic plants and herbs. Explore the Discovery Room, the perfect retreat for inquisitive plant lovers to dine in a botanical haven. The Tool Room is perfect for budding Botanists to partake in an Ale Tasting Masterclass with friends, or relax at the bar as experts muddle floral delights in a Cocktail Masterclass.

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The Lost and Found - Bennett's Hill, Birmingham

The Lost & Found
Discover the bar behind the bookcase in this Victorian parlour

Step into an authentic Victorian parlour at The Lost and Found in Birmingham and sample some of their themed cocktails such as the Long Lost Island, Ms H G Watson, the King's Bramble and Paddington Punch.

You can also discover the famed bar behind the bookcase hidden within the bar, the opulent boardroom with waitress service and the botanical garden where you can uncover the story of famous botanist Hettie G. Watson.

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The Jekyll & Hyde - Colmore Business District, Birmingham

Jekyll & Hyde
The Jekyll & Hyde has not one theme, but three

With not one but three different themes rolled into one quirky bar, step into your own mystical wonderland at The Jekyll & Hyde bar.

Settle into Dr Hyde's Main Bar with retro sweeties and sharing cocktails straight from the watering can or bathtub, delve into a cocktail masterclass in the laboratory that is Dr Jekyll's Gin Parlour with over 50 different varieties of gin and an Alice in Wonderland Eat Me, Drink Me menu theme that carries on into their Wonderland Courtyard

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Cuban Exchange - Exchange Street, Wolverhampton

Cuban Exchange
For a cost-effective trip to the Caribbean visit Cuban Exchange

Cuban Exchange brings a taste of the Caribbean to Wolverhampton with it's authentic music and cost-effective cocktail deals that fill the room on their club nights.

Enjoy a Squashed Frog, Hey Gringo, Melon Bomb or a Nana Rama in either shot or full cocktail form whilst enjoying their non-commercial music and club night deals.

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Island Bar - Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham

Island Bar
With their authentic Tiki bar, you can visit an island paradise in the centre of Birmingham

The tropical island paradise that is Island Bar sits right in the heart of Birmingham, and provides a quirky, summery tiki bar for you to relax in.

Not only is their bar themed, their menu covers a range of different themes with legendary cocktails, their Tiki menu, the European around the world, musical icons, the school tuk shop and more.

You can step out of the main bar with their gaming facilities upstairs to their authentic tiki bar for an island cocktail masterclass with an extensive rum selection and flavours inspired by by New Orleans, Puerto Rico and Polynesian flavours.

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The Giffard Arms - Wolverhampton

With coffin tables and a monstrous-sized bat model. The Giffard Arms is a scene straight from a gothic horror movie

Take a look inside the gothic themed pub straight out of a horror film at The Giffard Arms, one of Wolverhampton's oldest establishments.

With coffin shaped tables, the famous spiritual throne, horror-themed wall illustrations and a giant bat flying above your head in the outside area; The Giffard Arms is a Transylvanian Castle in the middle of the town centre with an extensive range of cask ales and lagers.

The Giffard Arms is dedicated to rock and metal music and also boasts two floors celebrating this with much-loved resident DJs taking requests on their club nights.

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Suds'N'Duds - Gas Street, Birmingham

Can you discover Birmingham's best-kept secrets?

It's easy to mistake this bustling bar for a launderette, mostly because that's exactly what this hidden gem looks like.

Behind it's disguise, this cosy bar is home to quirky cocktails with some containing whipped egg yolk, Suds tea service, and their very own food service as well as a variety of live music events for patrons to enjoy.

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Percy's Coffee and Curios - Telford

Percy's Coffee and Curios
Explore your weird and wonderful side at Percy's Coffee and Curios

Percy's Coffee and Curios is an establishment like no other - it also buys and sells antiques.

The bar prides itself on all things odd, with various funeral parlour items, a real moose head and Victorian female skull littering the bar whilst your sitting in their industrial stools or dentist chairs.

So far they've hosted parties with a variety of wacky themes - Rock, 60’s, 70’s, and 90,s Rave, Goth and Fetish, Zombie Pirates, Cowboys, Mad Hatters Tea Party, Game of Thrones, Sci Fi themes and many more in their fully licensed bar with over 20 different absinthes.

They are proud to offer Hasbean Coffee blends to their customers and a variety of different milkshakes with unusual flavours that match the quirky nature of the establishment.

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Hickory's Smokehouse and Bar - Wall Heath

Hickory's int
Sample some Southern Hospitality at Hickory's Smokehouse and Bar

For an authentic experience in the deep south of America, look no further than Hickory's Smokehouse and Bar - offering both quality food and quality drinks.

For a spot of southern hospitality step into their saloon bar for authentic American beers, wines and speciality cocktails such as the Blackberry Bourbon Moonshine, Honey I Smoked The Kids, Mississippi Mule, and their 24 ounce Smokehouse Hurricane cocktail.

You can also sample thick shakes with added booze with your bite to eat, featuring meat that's smoked onsite in their authentic 'Ole Hickory Pit Smokers that they import from Missouri.

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Bodega - Bennett's Hill, Birmingham

With ingredients sourced straight from South America, Bodega provide an authentic dining experience

Bodega Bar and Cantina offers South American food and drinks in a quirky and vibrant interior that has landed them in Yelp's Top 100 Restaurants list.

Bodega source drinks and cocktail ingredients from South American Countries. Their cocktail menu is divided by spirits such as tequila, mezcal and rum with a brief history of the drink itself, what brands they have and the cocktails they can put it into.

To boot they also have a diverse food menu with a plethora of south American treats that are also available for takeaway and as an addition to their cocktail masterclasses in a buffet.

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Cogs Bar - Newhall Street, Birmingham

Cogs Bar
Sample the Mechanical Peach at Cog's Bar in Birmingham

The atmospheric Victorian design of Cogs Bar takes you into a steampunk paradise, with a variety of music playing all week long featuring electro swing, rock, alternative and trap.

Cogs Bar also hosts a variety of live bands and Cognitive Jazz Therapy every Wednesday and Thursday as well as having three floors for hire including an illustrious VIP chamber.

They serve some of the most exclusive labels and cocktails around such as Warsteiner, Kingstar, Revisions and their own signature cocktail the Mechanical Peach.

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Havana Republic - Shrewsbury

Havana Republic
Havana Republic conjure up Latino flavours with the help of live music and authentic ingredients

Channel the essence of Cuba at Havana Republic with their wide selection of rums and their party atmosphere.

Serving Latino flavours with a hint of Caribbean spice, they offer a variety of culinary delights for you to sample, bright cocktails featuring classics and their own signature concoctions such as the Signature Mojito, Bahama Mama and Signature Daiquiri.

They also host live band nights to enhance the laid back, party atmosphere.

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Turtle Bay - John Bright Street, Birmingham

Turtle Bay Birmingham int
Known for it's cocktail deals, Turtle Bay whisks you away to the Caribbean AND is cost-effective

Famed for it's cocktail deals and vibrant atmosphere, Turtle Bay brings a slice of Jamaica right into the heart of Birmingham.

Turtle Bay has over 40 rums sourced from the Caribbean and they're not shy about showing them off in their vibrant signature cocktails served with a flare. You can enjoy themed drinks such as the Tobago Tea, Jammin', Raspberry Reggae, Tease Me and more along with signature dishes from their jerk pit bbq.

The venue is full of Carribean wall art and memorabilia to set the scene as well as channelling carefree island life with vibrant staff, table service and music.

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The Bohemian - Wolverhampton

The Bohemian
Celebrating Wolverhampton's architectural past, The Bohemian recreates the cities famous Victorian buildings

Paying homage to the buildings of Wolverhampton's Victorian past, The Bohemian takes you right back to the past for a quirky dining and drinking experience.

The Bohemian champions the bare brick walls, exposed industrial columns and reclaimed wood features that Wolverhampton's architecture holds dear to create an environment for you to enjoy tasty food, craft ales, ciders and their very own cocktails put together by their mixologists.

In the way of food, they offer a variety of sharing platters, a tapas style menu and lunch bites with coupling options for their drinks.

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Tilt - City Arcade, Birmingham

Finally, pinball and beer are brought together at Tilt in Birmingham

For an experience with a theme like no other, visit Tilt in Birmingham for a night of beer accompanied by pinball.

During the day, Tilt serves a variety of coffees and baked goods in the quaint Grade II listed building it resides in, then by night you'll find eight draft beers and over 30 different brands of bottled craft beer - all the time surrounded by a variety of vintage arcade machines to play to your heart's content.

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Porterhouse.sy1 - Shrewsbury

Do British and American themes go together? Find out at Porterhouse.sy1

Combining the contrasting themes of British and American flavours, Poterhouse.sy1 offers something very different in a boutique setting.

Their cocktail menu features their staff's very own creations such as the Coney Island, Punch The Pony, Louisiana Jam and the Porter-Millionaire $$$ as well as a variety of classic British and American cocktails that compliment their fusion dishes and bar nibbles.

Porterhouse.sy1 features a range of authentic British and American decorations from Route 66 signs, gas pumps and British bulldog statues to set the eclectic theme, with rooms available to be booked out for private functions.

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The Libertine - Shrewsbury

Libertine Bar
Celebrate all that is British at The Libertine

Encapsulating everything that is British, The Libertine bar takes pride in offering quality food and beautiful cocktails.

It offers a range of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, cakes and more with exquisitely presented themed cocktails such as the Rhubarb Collins and Quince Darling with British ingredients.

The Libertine also has eccentric decor and an ever-changing specials board both on drinks and food to keep The Libertine fresh and entertaining, coupled with various offers for those on a budget.

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Coyote Bar - Digbeth, Birmingham

Coyote Bar
Have you always wanted to be a Coyote Girl? Coyote Bar will make your dream come true

Coyote Bar is an American-themed bar straight out of the hit film Coyote Ugly - complete with tough, dancing coyote barmaids, and hard liquor.

Coyote bar offers high-octane theatrics, fire breathing, costumes for both the staff and options for visitors as well as an extensive alcohol selection.

The bar is being launched by Birmingham businesswoman Victoria Mancini who has also worked in the nightclub industry with barmaids all from the Birmingham area, with the same fiery attitude and drive straight out of the film.

Smuggler's Cove - Brindleyplace, Birmingham

Smuggler's Cove
Traverse the seven seas from the comfort of a bar stool at Smuggler's Cove

Pirate themed bar Smuggler's Cove has one other home based in Liverpool’s Albert Dock which has over 100 different rums in store and a variety of cocktails that have proved a hit with patrons, as well as an extensive food menu.

Smugglers Cove also has rum masterclasses that take you on a journey across the world, tasting some of the globe's most delectable rum offerings.

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By Becci Stanley

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