First ever T-Live festival hailed 'huge success'

We spent the day (along with our fab sign) at the first ever T-Live in Telford to watch Shropshire bands Madison and The Making perform alongside McFly, Stooshe, Loveable Rogues and Luminites.

First ever T-Live festival hailed 'huge success'

The lovely lads from the Loveable Rogues

After months of excitement Danny, Dougie, Harry and Tom finally made it to Telford and they did not disappoint. They've been performing for a whopping ten years and McFly show no sign of slowing down after performing to crowds of more than 3,000 at T-Live this weekend.

Check out some of our highlights (there's a lot!) in the gallery below:
Thousands of screaming fans had descended to Telford Town Park for the chance to see their idols Mcfly perform. Then at 9.30pm, their dreams came true.

Coming out to the YMCA (yes that's the song they actually chose to come out to!) the boys opened with old favourite 'That Girl.' The night continued on the same trip down memory lane as they performed some of their best loved hits including, 'It's All About You' and their first ever single '5 Colours In Her Hair which was released ten years ago. (That made us feel pretty old to)

The rain showed no signs of dampening anyone's spirits as the crowd sang along to every word from start to finish.
The lads tweeted after their performance:
Don't worry Danny, we didn't notice a thing! (We lied, we did notice the typos)

They may have called it T Fest, but after their amazing performance we can forgive Stooshe!
Speaking to us minutes before they headed on stage, Alexandra said "We can't wait to perform tonight, the crowd sound so loud - It's gonna be great!"
She wasn't wrong.  

Stooshe who performed their hit singles Black Heart and Love Me

Not only did The Loveable Rouges receive one the biggest cheers of the day, the Britain's Got Talent stars couldn't wait to pose with our sign. (Result!)

The lads who shot to fame in 2012 on the TV talent show are no strangers to Shropshire. "We've been here a few times. We performed at the launch night of the Buttermarket in Shrewsbury. 
"We didn't get much chance to explore the town... but we did go to Nando's!  said Eddie Brett

Te Qhairo Eugene added,  "We've also played at a wedding here and I've got say Shrewsbury girls are nice!"

Fans went mad for the lads who performed their debut single 'What a night.' They also performed fantastic covers of Bruno Mars 'The Lazy Song' and Avicii 'Don't Wake Me Up'
The lovely lads headed out into the crowd after their set and spent ages meeting and greeting all their fans.

They were followed by the Luminites who shot to fame earlier this year in the seventh series of Britain's Got Talent. The band have only just announced they are releasing their first single 'Do Something' in November.

Local bands MADISON and The Making showed that local lads (and one lady!) go down just as well as the big acts

First up were the boys from The Making, who despite only being 17 years old, seemed to be in their element playing for such a large crowd.

Lead singer Dan Oakey said, "We are really excited to be playing T-Live. Of course it's an honor to be playing for a band as well known as McFly but it's not about the band, it's about getting our music out there to as many people as possible and hopefully getting a few fans along the way."

MADISON are no strangers to success. Delivering one of the most energetic performances of the day, the cheers said it all and it didn't go unnoticed by the band. 
T-Live won't be a day we will forget in a while! Check out our twitter to see our live tweets from Saturday.

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