Gallery and archive reviews: When John Lydon performed in Wolverhampton

We look back at the last time the punk legend brought his riotous voice to the city, aswell as some archive reviews that rollback almost 40 years to when The Sex Pistols caused a ruckus in Wolverhampton.

After rummaging through the archives of the Express and Star, we uncovered some truly memorable news clippings, including this review from a surprise gig by 'The Spots' at Club Lafayette, which turned out to be an explosive set from the Sex Pistols themselves. Dated Saturday 20th August 1977, the review gives a glimpse into the iconic atmosphere of Johnny Rotten's 'Pistols.


Described as 'an attack' the Sex Pistols certainly left an impression in this clipping from Thursday 22nd December 1977:


Even Johnny Rotten wasn't immune from Tonsilitis, which forced The Sex Pistols to cancel a string of gigs, after they'd just been un-barred from venues to:


And as John Lydon's band Public Image Ltd are set to play in the Black Country later this year at Wolverhampton's Slade Rooms, there isn't a better time to throwback to the 2012 gig at the Wulfrun Hall. 

With a capacity of only 550, the gig later this year promises to be a noisy, sweaty affair. 

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