Gallery: Union J boys visit Dudley

Hordes of teenagers descended on a record store in the Black Country to catch a glimpse of heartthrob boyband Union J.

The X Factor boys, JJ, Josh, George and Jaymi, stopped off at  HMV in Merry Hill shopping centre during the promotional tour for their new single Tonight (We Live Forever).

They caused a screaming gathering of excitable fans to burst out of the front door and out into the Brierley Hill shopping centre.

Josh Cuthbert, 22, said: “This is the first day of signing for our first single off of our second album.

“We spend a lot of time in the studio and doing things like that so it’s nice to get out here and see the girls, and guys, who support us.”

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The band said they were heading into Birmingham for the next signing before going straight to Leicester, with a total of five signings. The band’s last album, Union J, reached number six in the albums chart.

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Josh said: “The album won’t be out until the end of the year or maybe next year, but the single was released yesterday and it’s so exciting to watch it climb the charts. It’s a rush for us.”

Back out in the store, the fans waited patiently for the band to arrive in a hail of ear-piercing screams with their copy of the single in hand. It is currently at number 5 in the singles chart.

Zoe Welch, 15, from Brierley Hill said: “My favourite song is their new song, I really love it.”

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