Gallery: Review: Steel Panther, Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Think 80s glam rock. Think Roy Chubby Brown. Imagine their lovechild, add in a bit more swearing. And voila, ladies and gentlemen, meet Steel Panther.

Crazy leather costumes, bandanas, wigs, fake tattoos – and that’s just the audience at one of these gigs.

Imagine The Darkness on steroids or a real-life Spinal Tap.

These boys don’t mess around when it comes to making an impression, and boy do they know how to put on a show.

Of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek – (even the uber fans who spent hours in the fancy dress shop in honour of their music idols must know that, in the same way wrestling fans know it’s really all fake).

But that’s part of the act, and the crowd at Wolverhampton Civic Hall loved every second of the OTT performance, including the 20-or-so girls chosen from the crowd to dance (and bare their chests if they wished) alongside the band.

Comedy play acting aside though, do not forget the most important thing – this band is actually really talented.

The melodies are catchy, the notes spot on, the guitar solos as good as any ‘real’ rock band.

The only difference is that 95 per cent of the lyrics could never be printed in a family newspaper, nor the song titles. Lets just leave it that the songs performed came from the albums Feel The Steel, All You Can Eat and another one…the title of which should also probably not be mentioned.

And whatever was said during the crowd interaction on Saturday night’s show is a definite no-no in print – just suffice to say it probably wouldn’t be a gig you’d take your mother-in-law to.

But for those not faint hearted and game for a laugh, a Steel Panther concert makes a @!*~#?* great night out.

By Victoria Nash

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