Gallery: Stafford students rock for good cause

Students at Stafford Grammar pulled out all the stops at a concert in support of babies born blind.

Organisers at Stafford Grammar School raised £150 at the show which featured a total of nine acts.

Performers included The Outliers, who perform at The Grapes in Stafford in their spare time. The event was put together by Year 12 student Yasmin Duggal, aged 17, in support of a fundraising campaign being run at the Burton Manor school in aid of the charity MACS chosen by head of science Gerald Robson.

MACS  – The Micro and Anophthalmic Children’s Society – is the national charity for children born without eyes or with under developed eyes. 

Yasmin said: “There are a lot of musicians at our school, but as we normally do concerts featuring choirs or orchestras I thought it would be good to put on something with more current music that would perhaps appeal to a wider audience.

“I also wanted to support Mr Robson who has been collecting money for the charity.

“The gig went really well. About 45 people turned up and we raised £150 for the cause so I’m really pleased with the outcome.”

The pupils have so far taken part in a series of activities including a sponsored silence which raised £84 and a raffle draw that raised £140. There have also been two other concerts.

A chocolate quiz is currently underway and Mr Robson, who teaches physics, says he’s expecting the total amount raised for the good cause to hit £1,500.

He said: "I chose MACS as it is a small charity.

"I thought it would appeal to the the young people as it’s for children.

"I was aiming to raise £1,250 but after this latest concert the running total will exceed £1,400.”

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