Gallery: Rod's biggest fans descend on Walsall

Hundreds of fans of legendary rocker Rod Stewart descended on the Black Country for a big event filled with live music and the chance to get their hands on signed memorabilia.

The three-day event,  returned to Walsall for the fourth consecutive year and saw around 900 people come through the doors of the Saddlers Club. 

The singer’s sister, Mary Cady, also came to the event and some fans even dressed like the rock star. 

Signed memorabilia, from portraits to jackets worn by the singer on tour, were auctioned to raise money for The National Holiday Fund for Sick and Disabled Children. 

Over the course of the weekend, which had been organised by the Rod Stewart Fan Club, people enjoyed music and covers from bands such as BB3, Stan Terry and Cregan & Co, featuring Rod’s ex-musical director Jim Cregan on guitar and former X-Factor star Ben Mills. 

Dave Reddy, one of the organisers, said: “It gets better and better each year.  “The build up to this year has been the best build up we’ve ever had. Rod’s new album, Time, has helped bring more people down. We’ve had a lot of newcomers this year.”

Kev Freeth, of Northwood Lane, Bewdley, came to the event with his fiancée Helen, 53. The 46-year-old said: “We’ve been to 12 of these events and are massive fans. I had known Helen 16 years ago through someone else but we met again two years ago at one of these events. We are going to Las Vegas this year to see Rod in concert and we’ll get married there.”

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