GALLERY: Eighties pop legends lined up for Birmingham Let's Rock festival plus VIP area

UP to 7,000 people are expected to descend on the Black Country as part of the highly-anticipated retro Let’s Rock Birmingham festival.

A dozen acts who were big in the 80s will be unleashing blasts from the past as they will take to the stage in Sandwell Valleyon Saturday from 11am.

Braced for the influx of people, Sandwell Council is closing more than 20 roads around the event to ‘facilitate’ the festiva. Residents with passes will still have access on any roads which are closed.

Let’s Rock is festival, promoted as suitable for families, is touring the country with 80s-era acts stopping atBristol, Leeds, London, Berkshire, Exeter and Southampton. 

A spokesman for Sandwell Council said: “The closures are necessary as a support measure to the event itself. It is anticipated that the concert will be attended by approximately 7,000 people. 

“Direction signage to the event will be placed at M5 J1 and some delays in the West Bromwich area are expectedthroughout the duration of the event.”

The road restrictions will run from 7am to 5pm. Adult tickets cost £49.50 per person with child tickets costing £23.10. Car parking will be available on the day for £5 at Sandwell Park Farm.

The roads that will be affected are: Church Vale (Dagger Lane to Hallam Street), Dagger Lane, Lloyd Street, Salters Lane (Dagger Lane to Lodge Hill Road), Europa Avenue, Arbor Court, Christina Court, Church Vale (All Saints Way to Parsonage Street), Devonshire Drive, Hallam Close, Hallam Drive, Kiniths Way, Kiniths Crescent, Little Lane (Hallam Street to Church Vale), Lodge Hill Road, New Street North, Park Crescent, Slaithwaite Road, Temple Meadows Road, Vale Street, Warstone Drive and Woodward Street.

A hotline is available for anyone who has noise complaints, on 07391 538604. 

VIP Enclosure

Let's Rock Fest VIP
Comfy sofas and tables in the 80s style VIP enclosure, avoid the festival drink queues with a private bar area and plenty of room to relax between the Let’s Rock acts

A ‘funky’ 80s themed VIP enclosure will be available for festival goers to Let’s Rock – but it will cost you nearly £150.

The £148.50 price of the VIP ticket offers the chance to kick back, relax in a comfortable zone or enjoy outdoor seating and be taken back three decades with 80s styled decor. 

A bar will be on offer – hopefully avoiding the usual crowds at festivals –which will have a selection of popular 80s alcoholic drinks.

Luxury toilets will also be available as part of the VIP package. 

The cost of such indulgence though is more than the price of a family ticket (two adults and two children), which costs £123.20. You may be tempted by these  images of the VIP enclosure showing splashes of colour and vibrant 80s designs being used.

A lounge area will feature cream-coloured settees, hanging space invader ornaments, bean bags and enlarged Rubix cubes.

Tables and chairs will also line the VIP enclosures which are situated inside large tents.  A complimentary souvenir brochure, meal and welcome will also be thrown in.

For those who can’t foot the bill of such luxury and are filled with dread at the thought of festival toilets there is, however, some small compensation. For a relative snip - just £16.50 - you get a pass to the ‘posh loo’ and spend a penny.

For more information about VIP tickets visit 

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