Gallery & Review: Status Quo, Wolves Civic

Status Quo continued on their mission to ‘rock all over the world’ with their reunion tour. The rock legends made their way through a catalogue of their early material- much to the delight of the crowd at the packed-out Civic Hall.

Songs such as In My Chair, Little Lady and Big Fat Mama really got the crowd going from the start.

Blistering power chords and baroque lead guitar work kept the crowd on its feet and singing along.

Bassist Alan Lancaster took early vocal turns with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, taking over on the bigger numbers such as ‘Down Down’ and ‘Rain’. John Coghlan’s drumming provided a solid back beat.  There were no ballads here, and no  ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ or ‘Marguerita Time’ but the crowd lapped it up, while the band proved that they could play rock blues and boogie better than most.

Bluesy harmonica from Bob Young only added to the night.

 Rossi asked the audience about when they had recorded a particular live album and the audience shouted back various years.

“Cor it’s like an auction’,” he quipped.

With loads of joyous foot-stomping and hand-clapping, the band worked its way through an encore which included ‘Caroline’ and the Chuck Berry cover ‘Bye Bye Johnny’.

After playing for well over an hour, the Quo proved they are still relentless.

Support band Toseland need mentioning for warming up the audience and adding to what was a great night night of rock and blues.

By John Darby

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