Boyzone record video message for fans ahead of Telford Town Park gig PLUS fan gallery

It has been more than 20 years since Irish boy band Boyzone burst onto the scenes with triple platinum album Said and Done.

Despite tragically losing Stephen Gately in 2009 and working on their own solo projects over the years, the band are still going strong as they head to Telford to play a headline show in Telford Town Park tomorrow.

Shane Lynch said that headlining the outdoor gig was a ‘no brainer’. 

“The boys and I have been on arena tours, but in 2014 we had the pleasure of performing outdoor shows in the summer. When we were asked to perform in Telford, it was a no brainer really, so we said yes.” 

The band, from North Dublin, have been pleasing thousands of fans with their music since 1993 taking the pop charts by storm throughout the ‘90s and Noughties. 

Their Telford gig, which will see special guest Alesha Dixon also take to the stage, has already sold more than 5,000 tickets since going on sale earlier this year and is one of the six dates in the bands 20th anniversary tour for their album BZ20. 

Can't wait to see Alesha? Here's her music video for hit single 'The Boy Does Nothing':

Lynch added: “So much has happened in the last 20 years, it is incredible. 

“I can still remember going for the audition, that night on the Late Late Show with Gaye Bryne and then suddenly whoosh! Off we went. It has been some journey.”  

Despite touring the UK numerous times this is the first time that Boyzone will gave set foot in Shropshire. 

Lynch said: “We have not performed in Telford before; we have played the NEC in Birmingham a few times and the Midland crowds are always fantastic, so the show is one we are really looking forward too.”

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Having been around for so long means that the band is not short of songs to fill their set, with 21 singles in the UK top 40 including Picture of You, Love Me For A Reason and Baby Can I Hold you. 

Lynch said: “It will be a fantastic experience for our fans. You will be singing along to every song and you never know what may happen at a Boyzone gig. 

Now we are a bit older we have more of a say in where we perform and what we play, so the fans will get a mix of some old stuff and some new stuff, and if they bring their dancing shoes and singing voices they are in for a great night.” 

Can't wait for tonight? Here's a few tasters to whet your appetite:

Shane also said that the crowd would see that Stephen, who tragically died at 33 at his holiday home in Spain in 2009, always has a presence with them when they are on stage. 

“We may be a four piece now, but in the ‘90s we started as a five piece and continue to be a five piece. Stephen is always on stage with us, and we will never forget him. 

“We all feel that way and it can become emotional for us, but he is always there.”

In 2010 Boyzone released their first song since Gately’s untimely death. Gave It All Away, featured the late singer’s vocals which were among the last vocals he recorded. The band released their fourth album Brother, dedicated to Gately in 2010 and returned to the stage touring the album in 2011. 

“We were not emotionally stable enough at that stage and we missed him so much. But we constantly reminisce about him because he was great fun. Stephen did some fantastic performances... most of them in the dressing room!” 

Despite building separate successful careers away from Boyzone the band have accepted that they will always be known mainly for their boyband fame. Lynch added: “No matter what we have done over the past few years as individuals, we are always referenced to as Shane from Boyzone or Ronan from Boyzone but now I know what is involved in the world of music and beyond a shadow of a doubt, standing in front of an audience of a few thousand people is something I wish everyone could do. 

“The kind of energy that thousands of people give when they are hollering at you or singing a song back to you is unbelievable.”

By Becky Weaver

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