Review and gallery: Slade, Wolverhampton Racecourse

They have entertained crowds across the world, but for Slade there can be nothing quite like a hometown gig.

Review and gallery: Slade, Wolverhampton Racecourse

Slade at Wolverhampton Racecourse

It was not necessarily a show to attract the diehard fans last night, as this was something of a package deal for those who had spent the day at Wolverhampton races.

But those who stuck around were treated to an almighty glam rock performance which transported crowds back to the glory years of the 1970s.

The foursome walked onto stage to the Thunderbirds theme which matched the awe with which many in the crowd still hold for Slade to this day.

Founding member Dave Hill and bass guitarist John Berry did not hold back on the glitter and the lights and fur either - in an instant they had rolled back the years.

They opened up with Gudbuy T'Jane and had quickly ticked off many of the hits including Take Me Bak 'Ome and Look Wot You Dun.

It was high octane stuff from a band which has lost little energy and none of its love for rock and roll.

But the first real crowd pleaser of the night came in the form of the band's first UK number one single, Coz I Luv You.

Hill recalled: "What a pleasure it was to be on the front of the Express and Star" in one of several references to the city where he grew up.

He added: "It's good to come from the Midlands where good music survives."

These days the band is headed-up by lead vocalist Mal McNulty, and while Don Powell remains an iconic figure on the drums, it is unquestionably Hill that keeps the night alive.

For 90 minutes he relentlessly treated the crowd to his finest 'wobbly knees', while swinging his guitar.

His energy on stage was infectious and he did not take a moment to breathe, keeping the tempo high throughout the 90-minute set list.

The only exception was at the start of the encore as the arms in the crowd started swaying to My Oh My.

Slade have still got the energy and the vocal power to match the best in the business , as was proven during their unmistakeable Cum On Feel The Noize.

And to wrap things up the Christmas hats came out for Merry Christmas Everybody. As Hill put it to the crowd, "No it's not Christmas, but it do' matter does it."

By Rob Cox

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