Review: Jools Holland and KT Tunstall, Wolverhampton Civic

Suddenly we saw KT Tunstall at Wolverhampton Civic Hall last night in support of Jools Holland and his rhythm’n’blues orchestra.

Review: Jools Holland and KT Tunstall, Wolverhampton Civic

Jools Holland

The acclaimed Scottish singer came and went in a flash after performing a three-song set but certainly left her mark.

Of course, the BRIT award winner owes a lot to Jools for one of the early parts of her journey to widestream success.

Her appearance some 11 years back on his ‘Later...With’ show and her first number ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ brought her into the public eye.

She built on that exposure and returned to her roots on black country soil at the weekend, for her last appearance on his tour dates.

She burst out wielding her guitar before launching into her signature tune ‘Suddenly I See,’ which whipped the crowd at this seated affair into dancing in the aisles. Most of them stopped there.

It was only a trio of tracks but the last was certainly one to remember, as her and Jools combined for an expected singalong number in the iconic Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back.’

The rest of the show was what we have come to expect from Jools and his merry men and women, including his brother and daughter.

Fellow pianist sibling Christopher operated the organ while his baby Mabel Ray provided the first vocals of the evening, later supported by Louise Marshall and Brummie temptress Ruby Turner.

The sideshows aside, you should doff your cap to the man who has stood the test of time with his programme that is in his 23rd year now. It’s some going in any genre.

Undoubtedly the best at his niche in the country, he glided through a two-hour set effortlessly and, as he does on the box, superbly supports whoever is on the mic.

The 57-year-old Londoner speaks and works in a classy manner and it’s very easy to just sit down and relax watching the show.

Song one of a three ditty encore brought us another offering that translated in today in 1950 top 10 hit ‘Enjoy Yourself - It’s Later Than You Think’.’ And we did Jools. Again.

By Craig Birch (Digital sports journalist for

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