Gallery: Roy Wood celebrates 40 years by bringing down the house in Birmingham

Roy Wood took control of Birmingham's Symphony Hall last night leaving a lasting impression on the second city.

It is amazing to think it has been 40 years since I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day was released.

In 1973 it hit the UK charts at number four, and all these years later it remains one of the true anthems of the season.

And make no mistake, 67-year-old rocker Roy Wood has still got it – red ponytail and all.

Last night he had the whole of Birmingham's Symphony Hall eating out of the palm of his hand as he slammed power chords on the electric guitar (and even blasted out a tune on the bagpipes).

But what really made the night so enjoyable, on top of the classic hits made famous by his 1970s band Wizzard, was its variety feel.

Not only did the Midlands-born musician's Rock and Roll Band add a touch of brass, but the warm-up act, Quill, injected a stunning and unique folk-rock ingredient to the mix.

Add to that a set from Birmingham's favourite comedian Jasper Carrott, accompaniments from a string section, and a children's choir, and you've got the makings of a fantastic night.

Oh, and did I mention The Proclaimers were there to join Roy on stage half way through his performance?

That was when the audience (quite sedate up until this point) really got into the swing of things, everyone up on their feet, some dancing in the aisles.

After all, who could resist standing up, stomping their feet and singing along to I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)?

“Da, da, da.” “Da, da, da!”

See? It's impossible.

After three or four of their songs (when Roy had presumably had enough of playing second fiddle on rhythm guitar), they left the stage – but returned for the bit we'd all been waiting for.

They were also joined by the aforementioned choir and string section for a super-energetic rendition of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day, which deservedly brought the house down.

Meanwhile, a stone's throw away in the city's town hall, the legendary Wolverhampton/Walsall band Slade were performing alongside glam rockers Sweet.

It's Chrrriiissstttmmmaaasssss!

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