Review: Russell Watson, Birmingham Symphony Hall

There's only one man who can captivate audiences with his stunning voice while having his devoted fans eating out of the palm of his hand - literally.

Review: Russell Watson, Birmingham Symphony Hall

Russell Watson, the self-styled People's Tenor, is a man full of the joys as he arrived to serenade a packed house at Birmingham's Symphony Hall last night.

He has recently become engaged to his girlfriend Louise Harris, released his latest album and is back to his best after a serious health scare.

The Manchurian faced a course of radiotherapy treatment after he was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour for the second time seven years ago.

Now back on the road, his voice never sounded better as he commanded the stage during the two hour show.

His health regime even exceeds to eating strawberries on stage to help his vocal cords.

And the 47-year-old singer gleefully handed out the fruits to audience members as he shared banter.

The first half of the show paid homage to his classical roots with a soaring version of Barcelona proving a highlight.

Two songs in particular also showcased his abilities as a performer to effortlessly switch styles.

His pitch-perfect rendition of Nessun Dorma, made famous by Pavarotti, was a special moment, never sounding better thanks to the acoustics of the venue.

He then performed a sweet song called My Love and I from his new album Only One Man showing his pop credentials.

Britain's Got Talent star Jonathan Antoine, known for his singing with school friend Charlotte Jaconelli, is also joined Watson on his Only One Man tour to sing with him last night.

The show is full of warmth and Watson switched in the charm to wish a happy birthday to members of the audience during the performance.

It had its poignant moments too as Watson made a passionate plea for the Government to improve support for troops before singing his charity single, The Homeground Anthem, on sale now to coincide with commemorations marking the First World War.

Russell Watson is a showman but this humble performer showed last night that this man had a lot of class.

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