Review and gallery: Rick Astley, V Festival 2016

Rick Astley continued to ride the wave of his unlikely comeback but proved that he is much more than a one-hit wonder.

Review and gallery: Rick Astley, V Festival 2016

Rick Astley performing at V Festival

The 80s singer, looking pretty good for his years, told the crowd he isn't 'afraid of a mash up' - sounding very much like a dad trying to be down with the kids near the mid-way point in his set.

By this point he had already proved himself a talented vocalist and comfortable showman, so he could be forgiven for making the odd clanger.

He followed that statement up with a cover of We Found Love by Rihanna, which in fairness he did manage to make his own.

It must be strange to have had success decades ago, disappear off the map and then return as something of a novelty act, fighting to win back credibility after becoming an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.

However, he appears to have taken it all in his stride with a smile and focused on making sure his music hits the mark.

Throughout his set he teased the audience with snippets of Never Gonna Give You Up, a gentle nod towards those who came along to see that song in particular.

Another modern classic was given the Astley makeover in the form of Uptown Funk, though this time the band stayed closer to the original.

That particular choice of cover provided a good metaphor for his set, which was aimed towards unashamed crowd-pleasing moments, with little thought for credibility from those who would look down on him for doing so.

Before he departed he decided to give people what they wanted, sparking one of the top moments of the festival with Never Gonna Give You Up.

Anyone within the area who could hear the show stopped what they were doing and started dancing and singing, taking in the moment for all that it was worth, similar to the man giving it his all on stage.

By Jordan Harris

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