Review: Miley Cyrus, NIA

I’m not a parent, but there are aspects of modern life that terrify me at the prospect.

Namely, how in the world do you prevent your kids from acting like Miley Cyrus?

Skimpily clad unsurprisingly, the focus last night was less on her music than the antics on stage. She slid onto the scene on a huge tongue, and immediately I lost count of the number of times the ‘f’ word was used. Remember, her target audience is young girls, many of whom last night cannot have yet reached their teens.

The shock factor was then stepped up as, legs spread as far as she could manage, she rode in on a gold car spewing fake cash.  

Miley, bless her, told the crowd she wanted to find the ‘sluttiest’ place in England, and encouraged semi-nudity amongst her adoring fans.  It was then she began taking mouthfuls of water and spitting on the first three rows. It was a freak show.

There were random puppets taking to the stage with large blow up animals, strange psychedelic videos on the huge screen, and amongst the dancing troupe, a dwarf and an Amazonian woman.

Some of the songs were catchy, but that’s not the point, is it? The point is to shock.

And that’s fine if your audience is age appropriate, but you really have to ask what message she’s sending.

By Adam Grinsell

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