Review: Michael Bublé, NIA

Bublé's voice is so rich, it's like getting a bucket of treacle dunked on your head - read Elizabeth Joyce's review of last night's show.

The quest for Michael Bublé tickets is mythical in proportions.

Websites crash, phonelines jam and queues stretch for miles as people scramble to grab them.

He outsells Beyoncé, RiRi and Justin Bieber and Timberlake with ease, forcing fans to move heaven and earth or, at the very least, put their granny on eBay, to be in with a chance of getting a seat.

Somehow though, through blood, sweat and tears, the 12,000 people inside the NIA last night had achieved the impossible. Goodness only knows what lengths they had to go to.

With all that in mind, there's really only one question that needs answering: is he worth all the effort?
The answer is a resounding yes.

Bublé is the perfect mix of crooner and comedian. His show has all the old-school swing and glamour of the Rat Pack glory days, with songs punctuated by bursts of humour, warmth and chatter. Quite simply, he comes across as the nicest guy in town.

Last night had everything you'd expect: a big band, bigger notes and a suit so sharp it'd give you a papercut.

But it also had plenty of surprises. Bublé jumped into the crowd to take pictures with a young fan after spotting a poster that read: "Make a young girl's dream come true." He also dashed from one end of the arena to the other - causing a near riot - and then stole another fan's phone to FaceTime their shell-shocked relatives.

He joked about his band, he joked about his wife, he joked about himself, at one point referring to his vocal talents "crappy karaoke". But don't think he's Mr Clean-Cut, the cheeky quips about his band (don't mention a Subway Footlong) and his suggestions for the single members of the audience proved he has a very naughty streak indeed.

But what of The Voice?

Well, it's faultless. So rich and deep, it's like getting a bucket of treacle dunked on your head. In a good way.
From the opener Fever to the closer Song For You, he was soaring and heartfelt. Talking of Song For You, if you're going tonight for the second show, make sure you stay to the very end to see him do something no other performer could manage.

A version of The Beatles' All You Need Is Love got everyone on their feet as they were showered in heart-shaped confetti, and the encore of Cry Me A River was brooding, powerful and finished on a note so strong, it was felt back in Aston.

Birmingham clearly adored him. And the feeling's obviously mutual as, just 24 hours before, Michael and his gorgeous model wife Luisana Lopilato had been out and about in the city, enjoying a meal at Jamie's Italian in The Bullring and taking a snap outside St Martin's Church and Selfridges.

Last night was as much about the fans as it was about Michael and he closed the show with a heartfelt message of how they've made his dream come true and he thinks about them everyday. Like we say, the nicest guy in town.

By Elizabeth Joyce

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