Gallery and review: Madness, Wolverhampton Racecourse

It was one big house of fun. Or rather, one big racecourse of fun. Madness were in town and if I was a gambling woman, I would have bet going to see the iconic band at Wolverhampton Racecourse was a dead cert for a good night out.

Gallery and review: Madness, Wolverhampton Racecourse

Suggs performs on stage at Wolverhampton Racecourse

The group's 'Grandslam' summer tour of sporting venues reached the Black Country last night - and the gig had all the ingredients for a winning formula.

It's hard to believe that some of the Nutty Boys hits go back almost 40 years, but they have definitely stood the test of time - and in fact sound as fresh as a daisy.

They rolled back the years as they delivered their catchy catalogue of hits, whipping their army of fans into a frenzy in the process.

The group has never taken itself too seriously and frontman Suggs provided plenty of laughs throughout the one-and-a-half-hour set. He said he felt some of their tracks came from the Jurassic age - but if he was trying to make the crowd feel old, he failed. 

Yep, nostalgia was well and truly in the air. Thousands of fans sang along and danced and jumped around as if they were all teenagers once more.

From My Girl and The Sun and The Rain to Lovestruck and Wings of a Dove, the crowd devoured the Madness menu.

Suggs and co were on fine form as they continued with their mix of greatest hits. House of Fun and of course One Step Beyond and Baggy Trousers went down a storm.

And before launching into It Must Be Love, Suggs gave a nod to his daughter Scarlett, who was in the crowd, and her Wolverhampton boyfriend Stephen.

The iconic Night Boat to Cairo ended the evening, as the band's family and friends joined them on stage.

It was a winner from start to finish.

By Maria Cusine

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