Review: Josh Widdicombe, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

You know a show is going to be good when the audience are in stitches before it has properly started.

Review: Josh Widdicombe, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

Josh Widdicombe

Josh Widdicombe had the crowd laughing their heads off before he even launched into his set - as some punters were enjoying a game of musical chairs as he walked on stage.

He jovially heckled them for disrupting his start and the room was resounding with laughter.

That allowed him the perfect transition to the first part of his set which saw him grilling members of the audience in the first few rows and joking about on the fly.

From there he neatly segued into the main bulk of the performance, joking around on a variety of tops which were all held together by his grumpy onstage persona.

Josh monaed about topics from real ale drinkers to aeroplane flights, secret Santa and waterboarding a naan bread.
The latter won't really make sense to anyone unless they have seen the show - needless to say his comparison of shop naans to those in restaurants was hilarious.

The section about Josh's fear of flying was a particular highlight, with the Last Leg star reeling off joke after joke to explain why he hates travelling by plane.

There was also a heavy 1990s influence to proceedings, with jokes about Mario Kart and Filofaxes ringing especially true from people who grew up in that decade like myself.

Some of the anecdotes brought back a lovely sense of nostalgia for a 90s kid - although might have passed over the heads of some older audience members.

As ever he didn't fail to make fun of his own upbringing in Devon - asking an audience member how many people were in their class in primary school (the answer was 50).

Josh said his school class size was a grand total of four.

Overall it was a great show which covered a hilarious hotch-potch of topics and had the audience in fits and giggles.


By David Cosgrove
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