Review and gallery: MC Stormzy, V Festival 2016

The unstoppable rise of grime MC Stormzy was taken to another level on the main stage.

Review and gallery: MC Stormzy, V Festival 2016

MC Stormzy at V Festival

The face of the new grime movement attracted a huge crowd in the early afternoon with a live wire set heavy on bass, bars and energy.

The London rapper was essentially representing his entire genre at V, perhaps as a test from organisers as to how the aggressive style of rap would go.

Unbelievably well would seem to be the correct response.

Stormzy addressed the strange position he was in during a brief moment of audience banter.

Taking what has long been an underground movement to the biggest stage is a bold task.

Speaking to the crowd he said: "V Festival, this is absolutely crazy.

"This is grime music on the main stage at V.

"This is the same stage Rihanna played last night and Justin Bieber will play later, it's crazy.

"I've never seen a crowd this big, let alone performing in front of it.

"You guys are legends, if you don't know about grime music now you will by the end of this set."

Stormzy held nothing back and got love back in equal measures from one of the biggest crowds of the weekend.

By Jordan Harris

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