Review and gallery: Kaiser Chiefs, V Festival 2016

Singer-songwriter Ricky Wilson jumped down off the stage and joined the crowd at what he called "VFest North" in an energetic set by the Kaiser Chiefs on Saturday night.

Review and gallery: Kaiser Chiefs, V Festival 2016

Frontman Ricky Wilson performs at V

Ricky is the man who most women have a soft spot for and most men want to be like.

So for this gig, many couples and friends would be in complete agreement about which stage to head to and the Kaisers totally rocked the MTV Stage.

They treated us to two new songs, Hole In My Soul and Parachute from their new album Stay Together, with a romantic lilt.

Hole In My Soul is an uplifting guitar-based light pop tune in which Ricky refers to whipping up the crowd but sings, "The only one I see is you."

Parachute is a love song with an upbeat dance groove running through it and a catchy chorus - "If we've only got one parachute I would give it to you."

The songs are not as hard-edged as their earlier catalogue of works, but they were both very well received and most of us sang along on the first listen.

Ricky told the huge Weston Park crowd that Parachute made him feel "pumped up" and proceeded to chant like Tarzan and encouraged both sides of stage to copy him, ending up with us all on the right singing out "Kaiser"... and the left "Chiefs".

"That's good for the ego and everything but it's not good for staying together - a bit like Brexit," Ricky joked in a vaguely political reference.

He referred to his hair getting out of control and that it looked like Tom Odell's ruffled blond hair - Tom had wowed the crowd earlier on the same stage.

"If I had 1,000 buses I would take you all with me," Ricky told us referring to his Sunday slot in VFest South at Hylands Park, at Chelmsford in Essex.

It was great to hear classics like Every Day I Love You Less and Less,  Never Miss A Beat and Ruby which Ricky still puts his heart, soul and body into.

Half way through the set after flinging the microphone and stand around a bit and plenty of pogoing and dancing, he flung off his crushed strawberry-coloured yellow jacket as the show moved up to another level.

The Kaisers surprised us with a cracking version of The Who's Pinball Wizard, which I actually preferred to the original. A fantastic set.

They have just announced details of a UK tour which calls at Birmingham Barclaycard Arena  on February 25 and at Llandudno Venue Cymru Arena on February 22. So catch them there if you missed them.

By Sally Williams

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