Review and gallery: Example, V Festival 2016

Elliott Gleave - AKA Example - worked the Staffordshire festival into a frenzy in his usual Saturday afternoon slot on the Main Stage.

Review and gallery: Example, V Festival 2016

Example performing on stage at V Festival

As he opened his popular set with Stay Awake, wind and rain battered his loyal fans but they braved it out and just kept coming in droves from other parts of the Weston Park.

They were rewarded by one of the most uplifting performances of the festival.

Hits such as Changed the Way you Kissed Me and We'll Be Coming Back, a song by Calvin Harris, hit the right festival note with the crowd who went bonkers.

Gleave used his trademark chant, "from the front to the back" to whip up some enthusiasm from across the whole park.

He loves VFest and his enthusiasm for the annual event was as catchy as his lyrics.

Gleave said:"I wish I could play here for another two hours.

"Let's hear it for the over 40s and anyone in fancy dress. Let's hear it for the security guys.  Make some noise for yourselves."

And he plucked classics out of the bag, such as Dirty Face and Won't Go Quietly.

The rain clouds cleared as fans jumped up and down in time to the electro beat and all too soon it was time for Example to say goodbye again for another year.

See you soon!

By Sally Williams

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