Review and gallery: DNCE, V Festival 2016

American popsters DNCE brought a touch of Californian-style sunshine to VFest to kick off the festival fun on the Main Stage on Sunday.

Review and gallery: DNCE, V Festival 2016

Joe Jonas with DNCE on stage at V Festival

Their debut single Cake by the Ocean drew thousands of early bird festival goers from across the park - the rest of which was left pretty much empty - to sing along in the mid-day slot.

The band provided a warm glow from the stage and were ideal for those campers who were recovering after a night of partying, setting the mood for the fun to start all over again. 

Cake by the Ocean - which was one of the highlights of last year musically - is from their debut EP Sawaay.

They are a spin-off from The Jonas Brothers (formed in 2005) who gained popularity on the Disney Channel and as such are guaranteed a large teenage following with Joe Jonas, one of the uber popular Jonas brothers at the helm.

The band also features Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee who all bounce off each other well.

The breakthrough band gave a colourful and energetic high-visibility show, rounding it all off with Queen's We Are The Champions. I'm sure we will be seeing more of them.

By Sally Williams

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