Review and gallery: David Guetta, V Festival 2016

There was a lot of smoke, there were lasers and there were fireworks too but Euro pop David Guetta's Saturday set at V Festival just didn't do it for me.

Review and gallery: David Guetta, V Festival 2016

David Guetta at V Fetival

The French DJ took centre stage in his usual pose, behind his decks.

But rather than engaging the crowd, he cut a lonely figure on the huge Main Stage and reminded me of a techno Wizard of Oz, where there was more smoke than substance or any modicum of talent.

Sharks and other Zap, Pow and Bad graphics were projected above him and the stage occasionally breathed out grey smoke.

He played many of his hits such as Play Hard and  Shot Me Down but the crowd were a little more subdued about them than I had expected and I was too.

I was looking forward to his set but his lame shout outs such as "do you like football?" and "I want to see people's hands"  left me a bit bored despite all the special effects and previously liking his mixes. 


By Sally Williams

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