Review and gallery: Cyndi Lauper, Birmingham Symphony Hall

Warm, wise and feisty as ever, Cyndi Lauper captured the hearts of her many fans when she brought her incredible show to Birmingham last night. And no matter how hard I try, I cannot see how any number of words in a review can do her justice.

Review and gallery: Cyndi Lauper, Birmingham Symphony Hall

Cyndi Lauper plays the lap steel guitar on stage at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham

Of all the concerts I have attended, this was the only one to leave me overwhelmed with emotion - partly due to to Cyndi’s phenomenal, pitch-perfect performance, but also due to her strong messages of love and unity throughout.

At the age of 63, the New York-born starlet remains as bold and beautiful as always - with a down-to-earth, passionate character and an enviable ability to seemingly not care what critics think.

I had high expectations ahead of Cyndi’s gig, but her show was far better than anything fans could have hoped for. The only complaint would have been that she performed for just an hour and 20 minutes. I could have watched her for another two hours at least.

The star bounded around the stage from start to finish; her unique look as bonkers, yet beautiful as back in the early 80s, with pink twisted dreadlocks, tight leather trousers and a fringed suede waistcoat.

“How the heck are you?,” Cyndi bellowed in her unmistakable Italian/ New York accent.

“You know, everyone says you grow old with grace… Who the f*** is Grace?!”

Hits such as She Bop and I Drove All Night had the crowd singing along and dancing in their seats from the get-go, and Cyndi’s incredible vocals were strong and wide-ranging throughout - as good as any studio recording.

The set was filled with passionate, professional performances, which at times saw Cyndi using an old-style phonebox as a prop with a microphone in the mouthpiece of the handset, a large trunk on which she spun herself upside down while singing, and a rotating platform.

She even played a lap steel guitar on huge hits Time After Time and True Colours - further displaying her unbelievable talent.

And not only was it a special night for Cyndi fans, but also for the star too, as it was her birthday. But Cyndi’s mind was on the tragic death of MP Jo Cox - showing the US star’s great consciousness for global issues.

“I had a great night tonight, but I think it would be uncaring of me not to say anything,” she said sadly.

“You guys have lost a great MP - Jo Cox. She shared the same birthday as me. So did the man who tried to save her.

“I love England, but I’m scared. Hate is all around and you’ve gotta fight back with tolerance. The differences between us make us great - and I hope some day we’ll see that.”

On that note, she dedicated True Colours to Jo - and gave such an emotional performance, that I’m welling up just thinking about it. A spine-tingling, tear-jerking rendition which will no doubt stay in the minds of those lucky enough to witness it for weeks.

“We will be back,” shouted Cyndi before leaving the stage.

Please do Cyndi. I would be happy to watch your incredible show Time After Time.

By Kirsten Rawlins

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