Review and pics: Anastacia, Birmingham Symphony Hall

One of the most successful female pop stars of the millennium, Anastacia, brought her Ultimate Collection tour to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall last night.

Review and pics: Anastacia, Birmingham Symphony Hall

Anastacia in concert. Pic: Amanda Williams

Taking to the stage surrounded by a full band and dancers, the songstress launched into Army of Me before truly getting the night started with Sick and Tired. 

Welcoming the audience of Brummies, Anastacia stated that earlier in the day she had been calling people Burmese which would find her in a different location entirely. And with this, there was a sense of accessibility that spanned the rest of the evening with her signing items thrust upon her while performing and singling out those who were up singing and dancing.

Early on in the evening, Anastacia was presented with a box containing her signature trademark glasses and from then on it was like the audience had never left 2004.

Acting as a greatest hits tour, the set list spanned the singer's career while allowing for a number of costume changes and musical interludes. 

Supported by a tight backing band, Anastacia took the time to introduce each member with a school room style ‘Hi Mrs ...’ however it’s her powerful vocals that truly carry the performance. 

Tracks such as Heavy On My Heart, You’ll Never Be Alone and The Fantastic Four’s Everything Burns allowed her to remind us just how distinctive a voice she has, while Why’d You Lie To Me and Paid My Dues showed a rockier and livelier side. 

Even covering Foo Fighters Best Of You, the evening took in a plethora of tracks from different stages of Anastacia's career before ending on biggest hits Left Outside Alone and One Day In Your Life which had people spilling into the aisles for a dance.   

Taking time in the evening to reflect on past illnesses, you get the impression that she is truly and sincerely thankful to still be performing on stage doing what she loves.

Clocking in at more than an hour and a half, fans couldn't help but be reminded just how strong a back catalogue Anastacia has and, I’m sure that for as long as she’s performing, she’ll never be Outta Love. 

By Dan Earl

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