Gallery and Review: 5ive, Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Our reviewer checked out 90s boyband 5ive at Wolverhampton's Civic Hall on Friday night.

Jumping back to the 90s and you might have heard the Spice Girls, N-Sync, and of course 5ive.

It has taken me 16 years to actually make it to a 5ive concert and although there were only four of them they did not disappoint my inner 90s child.

They burst onto the stage with a live band supporting them with Battlestar off their 1999 Invincible album and went straight into the fantastic version of We Will Rock You that originally had Queen on the track.

This pumped the already screaming audience up. They all rose to their feet and remained that way through most of the concert.

Slam Dunk Da Funk got everyone moving and shaking. People were dancing in the aisles and it was utterly pointless in putting seats in the stalls.

The boys slowed it down a little singing That Thing You Do and Until the Time is Through, but brightened things up when Got the Feelin got everyone dancing again.

Remembering the classics was the best part. I’d forgotten how many songs they actually did. Being a fan from a young age I surprised myself this many years on still being able to remember every word to every song.

They pulled Don’t Wanna Let you Go out and When the Lights Go Out out of their extensive catalogue and then Ritchie, a Midlands boy himself, dedicated their break-up track Closer to Me to his mom who was in the crowd. Can you believe that song was from 2001!

It was Grease next but not as you know it. They put a twist on the 1978 classic adding a bit of rap in there and turning it into Rock the Party.

Their non-stop set went on to introduce their band who were very talented indeed and give us Lay all your Lovin on Me, Lets Dance, Invincible, Alright, Everybody Get Up and If Ya Gettin Down.

They aren’t a typical boyband, they were the bad boys of their time and still are.

They coax the audience into singing the intro to Keep on Movin and everyone in there sang it from the top of their voices.

This was their encore but they didn’t need everyone to massage their egos they just gave us the music everyone there loved.

A great ending with a 1999 (yes it really was 99) classic. We all know those dance moves. 

By Jody Ball

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