Tried & Tested: Control Pants

It’s the time of year when we glam up and squeeze into little dresses. But don’t panic, Native Monster here to help you make the most of your curves.

Tried & Tested: Control Pants

Bridget Jones had the right idea when it came to underwear.

There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of big knickers. There, we said it.

It’s those suck-in numbers that we love best. Stepping out in shaping control underwear makes you feel a million dollars under your LBD, and everyone likes to feel beautiful.

That’s why corsets were all the rage back in the 1800s, surely?

You see, when it comes to rounding off your lumps and bumps, packing in your extra poundage or just smoothing your cellulite, control pants are perfection.

It’s not even about weight; an investment in the right shaping underwear can create curves in all the right places for even the slimmest woman, accentuating what your mama gave you, as they say.

For us, it’s all about confidence. So, as we gear up for party season, we tried and tested a few items of shapewear ourselves.

Kirsty, aged 27, is a size 16. Standing at 5ft 7in but weighing 13 stone, she said: “I know I’m carrying slightly more weight than I should be, but I feel OK about my shape. I’ve got a really narrow back and small waist and carry my poundage right around my middle. 

“I really want to trim down my sides to make a more hourglass figure, at the moment I’m more of a misshapen figure eight!”

Emily, on the other hand, is an athletic size 10. An inch taller than Kirsty and three stone lighter, the 34-year-old has a much more slender figure. She said: “I feel that I have a boyish frame with no hourglass shape, quite small hips and quite a thick waist – there’s not much difference between the measurements. I’d like more feminine curves – I don’t feel I’m very shapely.”

The ladies trialled two particular products, and deliver their verdict. . . 


Kirsty opted to try the Body Wrap control briefs, £55, The product claims to slim the thighs, give a flat stomach and create a beautifully shaped bottom.

Verdict: “I felt the business in the control briefs. They held me in in all the right places and really smoothed the appearance of my ‘love handles’ as it were. 

“I felt much more confident in my dress and, what’s more, my thighs didn’t chafe together at the top. That’s something I think most people can relate to, especially when you hit the dance floor without tights!”


Emily trialled the extra firm waist cincher from Miraclesuit, £33.95, The brand’s strapline is ‘lose 10lb in 10 seconds’, so it had a lot to live up to. It also claims to improve your posture. 

Verdict: “At first it felt very tight and restrictive but I noticed I had a flatter tummy and a slimmer waist. The tight feeling became quite satisfying and it does give a bit – you can still breathe in it. I felt more feminine and trimmer, and therefore more confident. I felt less boyish and even my clothes felt a little bit looser – I wore it to a wedding under a bridesmaid dress and felt I’d lost inches, and half a stone!”

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