Shrewsbury named as one of the best places to live in Britain

Pat yourselves on the back Shrewsbury - your town has been named one of the best places to live in Britain.

Shrewsbury named as one of the best places to live in Britain

Sue Pugh from Castlefields said: ""Shrewsbury is great."

Pat yourselves on the back Shrewsbury - your town has been named one of the best places to live in Britain.

With picture-perfect streets, picturesque parks and a beautiful river, our county town has plenty going for it.

And now it is one of 10 towns in the West Midlands to feature on The Sunday Times Best Places To Live In Britain list.

It is a plaudit that people in the town whole-heartedly agree with.

And its inclusion as one of only 101 towns on the list is likely to attract even more visitors to a town that is already bustling with tourists.

Helen Davies, who is in charge of the poll, believes Shrewsbury deserves its place on the list because it is a perfect blend of the quaint and the modern.

It is a formula that means the town is in demand, leading to rising house prices despite recent problems with flooding along the riverside.

She said: “People love Shrewsbury’s past . It has a medieval heart, narrow alleyways and ancient timber-framed buildings."

She said judges for the poll were impressed by the River Severn at the heart of the town, as well as its entertainment and eating out venues.

But they also took into account important aspects of comfortable living such as schools, shops and low crime.

She added: “Within the last year, planning permission has been granted for new homes on the outskirts of the town, which will offer more options for incomers.

"Locals tell us that once people move here they only leave if they have to. Houses within the river loop often sell for £500,000, but there’s a four-bedroom town house on the market for £370,000 in the town centre and prices drop outside the loop.”

It is not the first time that Shrewsbury as scooped the prestigious position, having also made the list last year and its ranking is no surprise to people who live and work there.

Sue Pugh, 71, from Castlefields, who has recently moved to Shrewsbury from Cardiff , said: "Shrewsbury is great. It is very easy to get to and from places and the town is also steeped in history.

“There is the abbey and St Mary’s Church alongside St Chad's.

“Plus there are connotations to Henry Tudor and the link to Wilfred Owen, and of course Darwin grew up here.

“It is a fascinating place and it’s not too touristy, I am absolutely thrilled to have moved here.”

Restaurant manager Miss Julia Goodall also agreed, and thinks Shrewsbury benefits from a cafe culture more akin to a town in France or Italy.

Miss Goodall, from Belle Vue, said: “I can believe Shrewsbury has made the list.

“I think sometimes with all the cafes and shops it has got that continental feel.

Mr and Mrs Tyldesley, from Craven Arms, often come into Shrewsbury for a spot of lunch, and believe the town has an excellent range of restaurants.

Mr Jonathan Tyldesley said: “We often come into town for lunch and there’s a good choice, we come about once a week.

“It’s got that nice old fashioned feel to it because of the history so it’s pretty good here.”

Shrewsbury has previously been dubbed a ‘little nirvana’ by judges from The Sunday Times, who named it as one of the top 12 places to live in the Midlands in 2013.

There is variety in the list this year however, with inner cities competing against picture pefect villages.

Mrs Davies said: "The Best Places guide is dedicated to celebrating Britain’s abundance of great cities, towns and villages.

"We combine in-depth data with first-hand personal experience to produce an authoritative list.

"There are lots of places across Britain that are worth celebrating, and everyone has different priorities, so this year our supplements cover everything from the countryside to inner-cities.”

The full list will be released later this month, when Shrewsbury's place in the top 101 will be revealed along with other towns and cities on the list.

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