Celebs take on the ice bucket challenge

From Justin Timberlake to Jimmy Parsons - it's the craze that has taken the celeb world by storm.

Celebs take on the ice bucket challenge

Tom Hiddleston takes on the challenge

We're talking about the ALS ice bucket challenge which has seen many high profile celebrities drenching themselves in icy water in the name of charity. 

The internet craze set up this summer has seen a whole host of A-listers and business leaders pouring buckets of ice and water over themselves to raise awareness of motor neurone disease (also known as ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease). The disease affects around 5,000 people in the UK. 

After each star has filmed themselves enduring several seconds of icy pain, they then nominate up to three more well-known figures to undergo the same public humiliation.

Check out some we've enjoyed:

Usain Bolt

Chris Hemsworth

George Bush



David Beckham

Tom Hiddleston

Keith Lemon

Tom Cruise

Christiano Ronaldo

Lady Gaga

Iggy Azalea

Mark Zuckerberg

Justin Bieber

Bill Gates

Justin Timberlake

Ricky Gervais

Jennifer Lopez

Steven Spielberg

Eva Longoria

Triple H

Mickey Rourke

Robert Downey Jnr

Jim Parsons

By Jody Ball

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