Happy Birthday Liam Payne!

Get out the balloons and party poppers! It's Liam Payne's birthday! Our favourite Wolverhampton superstar hits the big 2-0 today and here at Native Monster we're celebrating in style.

Happy Birthday Liam Payne!

We almost didn't recognize you - Happy 20th Birthday Liam!

It's a long way from Bushbury to the Brit awards but local lad Liam Payne has managed to achieve it in less than three years. 

Today Liam is taking a well deserved break from his busy schedule to celebrate his 20th birthday with friends and family. To celebrate we take a look at some of our favorite Liam moments - And there are a lot! 

As a special birthday treat One Direction's first ever movie This Is Us hits the silver screen today!

The Road to Stardom
Can you believe that little over three years ago we could have walked past Liam in Dudley street without recognising him? Liam first auditioned for the X Factor in 2008 when he was fourteen, he made it all the way to judges houses but Simon Cowell thought he wasn't ready for the competition and asked him to come back in two years.

Before his second audition in 2010, Liam was a music technology student at the City of Wolverhampton College.

Life hasn't always been so easy for Liam - he was born to parents Karen and Geoff two weeks premature and until the age of four he had to make regular trips to hospital. Liam was later diagnosed with having one kidney scarred and dysfunctional and had to have 32 injections in his arms every morning and evening. As a result of all this medical treatment our Liam was bullied at school, which led him to take up kick boxing at the age of 12.

Check out Liam's X Factor audtion from 2010 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awhsOgmdq6w

Overnight Success 

One Direction may of finished third place in the 2010 X Factor but that didn't stop their first single, 'What Makes you Beautiful,' coming straight in at number one in 2011. The song was so popular it has become the most pre-orded Sony Music single of all time! The fame hasn't gone to our Liam's head as he regularly returns to his home town to visit family and most importantly his local girlfriend Sophia Smith.

As always the twitter world is going crazy trying to wish Liam a happy birthday. Check out some of our favorites, including one from Liam himself! 

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