Behind the scenes of Dancing On Ice

Dancing on Ice Live is back for one last time – but not before we had a chat with its stars and got selfies with our favourites!

Skates, sequins and fake tan at the ready, Dancing on Ice goes live for the final time. 

It skates into Birmingham later this month, marking the end of nine years of brilliant Sunday night telly as celebs slip, slide and head-bang their way to being crowned champs of the ice.

The tour also marks the 30th anniversary of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean winning Olympic gold. The skating legends not only host the show, but perform the famous Bolero routine.

Meanwhile, champion of champions Ray Quinn looks to defend his title in the live shows, competing against fellow finalists Beth Tweddle and Hayley Tamaddon. 

Fans will also see Kyran Bracken, Suzanne Shaw, Gareth Gates, Joe Pasquale and Bonnie Langford don their slinky costumes and take to the ice.

The tour kicked off in Manchester last Friday and Native Monster were invited to the exclusive after-show party, where we chilled out with all the stars.

Here’s what they had to say . . . but not before we got selfies with our favourites.

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Ray Quinn

Ray Quinn

Double champion Ray says he can’t wait to perform for his fans in the Midlands.

“The opening show has really gone off with a bang. It’s going to be a fantastic tour and I’m really excited. The live shows are such a buzz and the audiences are absolutely incredible,” says Ray.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the Brummies. We are going to smash it. Get ready Birmingham!”

Talking about his victory as Dancing on Ice’s final champ he says,“I am so proud to have done it and thankful of everyone who has supported me. I have managed to learn a skill which I never thought I could do.

“I love the danger, I am an adrenaline junkie but it is thanks to Maria I am the champion of champions. It’s all down to her.

“I loved winning. Being told by the judges that they forgot I was on ice is the biggest compliment. “Skating is something that will always be special to me and I will continue doing it. It’s a memory I’ll keep forever.”

Beth Tweddle

Beth Tweedle

I was just so proud to make the final,” says Olympic gymnast Beth. 

“We couldn’t have asked for more than that. It was a great final and we went out on our best skate. 

“I really never imagined that I would get that far.”

Beth and her pro partner Lukasz  Rozycki perform their favourite Scottish routine during the live tour, which Beth says filled her with mixed emotions. 

“We’re here to celebrate Chris and Jayne’s 30th anniversary since their Olympic win. It’s the end of an era and as the tour rolls out I think the emotion will kick in that it really is all over. But at the moment we are just loving every minute of it, thinking we still have weeks and weeks left. I will be so sad when it comes to the last time we will all skate together.”

Beth is determined to continue ice skating.  

“I will carry on skating, I have got the bug for it and I really enjoy it. 

“Lucaz has taught me so much. It’s been a massive part of my life for two years. I never dreamt this is what I’d be doing straight after the Olympic games but I have had an amazing time – the time of my life.”

Hayley Tamaddon

Hayley Tamaddon

Back on the ice for her second live tour, Hayley has the chance to steal the crown from champion Ray, as the audience votes a new winner at each show.

“To just make the final was brilliant for us,” says Hayley.

“We never took it for granted that we would get that far. To compete against the best skaters the show has ever had meant we just had to really throw ourselves into it.”

The Corrie star adds, “I’m busy filming The Street too so I’m basically dashing from filming in Manchester up to arenas, so it’s quite hectic at the minute. I’m loving every second of it though and I’ll be so sad when it ends.

“The show and the tour are the best things I’ve ever done. It was so fulfilling and I got to live my dream by skating with Dan. I am so glad I got to share this experience with him.”

Torvill & Dean

Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean give a  performance of their legendary medal-winning ‘Bolero’ routine

We start our chat with skating legends Jayne and Christopher demanding to know why one of Native Monster's favourite shows has come to an end. 

Christopher apologises, saying, “All good things come to an end and rather than the show petering out we wanted to finish on a high.”

Jayne adds: “We aren’t retiring from skating and we will still be working together and doing other things but it is the final tour. We’ve loved every minute of DOI and will miss it hugely. We can’t thank the fans enough for their support over the years.

“We’re proud to be showcasing the best of the best skaters to fantastic audiences.”

The duo will be performing during the tour and, 30 years after winning Olympic gold, they claim thay still get nervous before heading out on the ice. “We were nervous before the show but excited at the same. All the skaters have worked so hard to get this show ready and we all loved getting out there,” says Jane.

The stars are presenting the live shows, taking over from Philip and Christine.

Christopher says: “Presenting is nerve-racking – especially when you know you’ll also be skating later in the show.

“However, when we do perform the Bolero the roar of the audience at the end is incredible. It felt like we were back at the Olympics again. We realise that some people have never seen it live before.”

By Katy Rose Meaney

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