Black Friday: Survival Guide

It may be consumer paradise for the more seasoned shopper, but for the rest of us the thought of braving the chaos of Black Friday can be too much to bear.

Black Friday: Survival Guide

With that in mind, the marketing gurus at the Merry Hill Centre have produced a nifty Black Friday survival guide packed with hints and tips on how to tackle the crowds in the quest for rock-bottom discounts.

The guide sets out the day with military-style precision, with guidance on everything from researching the best deals to what to wear, eat and drink if you want to stay one step ahead of the pack.

But when it comes to the shopping expedition, stage one is all about preparation and getting organised. “Fight the temptation to buy the entire store,” is the first piece of salient advice. Set a budget and make a list – then try your best to stick to it.

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Get your research done in advance of hitting the stores, it continues. And take a shopping partner with you – apparently studies have shown that 65 per cent of shoppers find the experience less stressful when they take a friend.

Dressing for the occasion is also of paramount importance, according to the guide.Wear something extra comfy so you’ll be able to dash in and out of the changing rooms with ease is the way to go. And whatever you do stay connected. Make sure the smartphone is fully charged, ‘as you never know when you may need to phone a friend or do 50/50 for an option on a major fashion dilemma’.

Nutrition advice is also at hand. Start the day with a hearty breakfast and even if you can’t find that perfect dress, make up for it with a good meal and drink instead.

Once the shopping is over it is ‘catwalk time’, according to the guide. When you get back lug those bags full of bargains straight into the living room and saunter around proudly displaying your new look. 

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But even the most active of shoppers needs to wind down. “After all that calorie-burning shopping, you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax – until the next shopping spree.” 

Kelly Reed, senior marketing manager, said: “We know shoppers will be on the hunt for a bumper bag of bargains so will be doing everything we can to make Black Friday shopping stress-free. The survival guide is a fun way of helping customers to stay on top of things.”

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