Feeling fat, no money and bad weather - some of the things that put women in a bad mood

Women spend 10 days a year in a bad mood, according to a new survey.

Feeling fat, no money and bad weather - some of the things that put women in a bad mood

Feeling fat, husbands who don’t listen and broken nails all leave women feeling annoyed.

In total, the average woman spends five hours a week grumpy with reasons ranging from grim weather to technology that fails to work.

The survey also found that one in two of the women polled confessed that they were moody ‘a lot’ while four in 10 said their bad temper worsened as they aged and men disagreed - with those asked saying their other halves were bad tempered far more often and for up to eight hours a week.

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Of the 1,000 men polled 68 per cent admitted to not listening when their wife or girlfriend is feeling low, but  15 per cent tell her to snap out of it.

Psychotherapist Sally Brown said: “Moods are a barometer of our overall wellbeing.

The research shows that both men and women are susceptible to being in a bad mood from time to time, but what is interesting is more how the sexes cope with their moods.  “Women crave me time and men tend to rely on their partners to help lift them out of their moods. 

“It’s also not surprising then that 23 per cent of those polled said their moodiness was affecting their relationship.

“Everyday challenges from bad traffic to failing technology can tip women into a bad mood and the change in the seasons as we head into winter will affect mood too. 

“The scales are slightly skewed for women though, as female hormones have a big impact on moods.  

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“Thankfully lifestyle choices, such as making sure you surround yourself with happy people, will work as an antidote and there are often simple ways to help boost our mood as revealed with half of those polled opting for a simple warm bath to lift a mood.”

The study, which was conducted on behalf of Healthspan and spoke to 1,000 women and 1,000 men, found nearly a quarter of females said their partner was often at the root of their bad mood. Key triggers that put women in a moody frame of mind were feeling undervalued, struggling to keep on top of domestic chores and generally having too much to do in general.

Warning! Some of the issues that put women in a grump

  • Feeling they are overweight 
  • Partner not listening 
  • Feeling under the weather 
  • Technology not working properly
  • Weather/bad weather 
  • Not having enough money 
  • Computer not working
  • Feeling undervalued

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