The secret of looking good in 50s revealed

Experts has unveiled the ultimate guide to looking good in your 50s...

The secret of looking good in 50s revealed

...drink lots of water, get eight hours’ sleep, don’t over-pluck eyebrows and listen to your mother.

Researchers polled 1,500 50-something females and found they also recommend wearing adequate sun tan lotion, using hand cream after washing up and sleeping in socks after moisturising.

Other peals of wisdom include not squeezing spots, combing your hair when wet and avoiding the overuse of heated hairstyling tools.

The study, by Superdrug, found two thirds of women were passed essential beauty advice from their own mothers and before that, their grandmothers.

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Spokeswoman Joanna Hutton said: “Today’s over 50s are a completely different proposition to their parents and grandparents. However, it’s interesting that in today’s world of technology and middle youth that it’s beauty advice from yesteryear which still holds sway. Women in this age bracket have the experience and confidence to understand that the secret to looking and feeling fantastic can’t be found in a jar.

“It’s a combination of good health, vitality and cherry picking beauty products designed to work on more mature skin.” Other top tips women pass on include never sleeping in make-up and never combining bright eye shadow with bright lippy.

Moisturising all the way down the neck was another favourite.

The study also found eight in 10 women over 50 credit their youthful skin to a healthy diet, while three quarters swear by eating tomatoes and a similar number rely heavily on oily fish as part of their diet.

Yet the best beauty snippet over 50s want to pass on is that a smile goes a long way.

But nearly three quarters of women believe the real key to looking good in later life is inheriting good genes.

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Few women can say they don’t have any beauty regrets. The research found the biggest was sunbathing with little or no SPF.

The Over-50s’ pearls of beauty wisdom

1.    Smile

2.    Drink lots of water

3.    Never sleep in make-up

4.    Always wear an SPF

5.    Aim for eight hours sleep

6.    Moisturise your neck 

7.    Don’t squeeze spots

8.    Don’t over pluck eyebrows

9.    Use hand cream after washing-up

10. Wear the right shade foundation

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