Health: Honestly Healthy 30 Day Slim Down Challenge

After piling on the pounds, Lisa Wright decided to take action. She set herself a weight loss challenge to complete in 30 days. Here’s how she got on...

Natasha Corrett
Honestly Healthy founder Natasha Corrett

After an indulgent summer, it was time to shed a few pounds, but I wanted to do it in a healthy way that wasn’t going to leave me hungry. I’m also a sucker for a challenge and after searching the internet I came across the Honestly Healthy 30-day slim down. Founded by Natasha Corrett, the plan focuses on the alkaline concept of eating. Referred to as a ‘lifestyle’ rather than a diet, the slim down combines healthy eating with 20 minutes of exercise a day, which you can do in the comfort of your own home. My target was to lose half a stone. Here’s how I got on...

Week 1

The rules are simple. Sip on a green smoothie until lunch, have a healthy lunch, afternoon snack and dinner and complete 20 minutes of exercise.

My kitchen has become home to a shiny new blender and food processor and my cupboard stocked full of ingredients I’ve never even heard of – Himalayan pink salt anyone?!

I’m not going to lie, the first two days were hard and I start the week exhausted (and pretty moody) as I’ve cut out caffeine. But by Wednesday I was getting used to my green smoothie breakfast which keeps the hunger at bay until my delicious roasted vegetables and rice noodle lunch – which I end up having every day for the whole week, it’s so tasty. Despite the small portion size, it was really satisfying and packed with flavour.

My afternoon snack of protein balls, packed with nuts, seeds and coconut, have also become a firm favourite – they are easy to whizz up and the recipe gives you enough for three days.

The exercise is tough, but manageable and fits into my day easily. I confess I don’t do it every day – on Saturday I opt for a 90-minute walk over the Clent Hills instead – but by the end of the week I’ve already lost 3lbs. Result.

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Week 2

By the start of week two I’m raring to go. I’m up at 5am on Monday morning as I have been sleeping better than I have in months and notice I have much more energy.

My routine is now pretty regular and people are commenting that I look more awake and healthier. I’m also a lot less bloated after trading in my usual diet of breakfast biscuits and a shop-bought sandwich for tasty, homemade food.

With eggs and dairy allowed three times a week, on Sunday I treat myself to a spinach, feta and tomato omelette for lunch, which although isn't in the recipe plan, sticks to the principles and tastes delicious.

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Week 3

I’m getting into my stride now and have got myself into a familiar routine of smoothies, healthy lunch, snack and light dinner.

While I’m absolutely loving the results (I’ve lost around 3lbs each week so far), I’ve found the challenge does take up a lot of my free time and involves a lot of cooking.

Some of the recipes call for many ingredients and after a long day at work, plus exercise, I find that I simply can’t be bothered to do this every night. I’d suggest preparing as much in advance as you can – Sunday afternoons are a good time to cook up batches of food to get you through at least half the week. Honestly Healthy also offer a 'fridge fill' where meals are prepared by them and delivered to your door.

My social life has also taken a bit of a hit with the pub and restaurants pretty much ruled out.

On the plus side, I am saving a lot of money that used to be spent on wine/taxis to the pub/ takeaways/expensive pre-packaged lunches. 

Week 4

It’s the last week and I’m over the moon with the results. I did fall off the wagon with a friend’s wedding, so haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to this week, but I’m well below the target weight I’d set for myself at the beginning.

I’ll definitely be keeping this up as much as possible and am looking forward to trying out some of the other delicious recipes on the website. And if I need to lose a few pounds, say after Christmas, I’d definitely return to this slim down.

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 Typical day

  • First thing – Hot water with a slice of lemon
  • Breakfast – Green smoothie made with romaine lettuce, celery, spinach, pear, grapefruit juice and coconut water
  •  Lunch – Roasted vegetables with rice noodles
  • Snack – Protein balls made with cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut, dried dates, raw coconut oil, cinnamon and vanilla essence
  •  Dinner – Broccoli soup or halloumi with raw slaw and salad.

Total weight loss: 10lbs

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