Eight sports to try in the West Midlands to get fit in 2015

In need of exercise? We've got just the ticket!

Eight sports to try in the West Midlands to get fit in 2015

So we’re midway through January and you’re back at work, uni, whatever and in need of losing a few of those December pounds. But why break your back at the gym if you could be doing something more fun?  Here’s eight different sports that you can get involved in around the West Midlands to help lose what's left of those Christmas calories. 

martial arts

Martial Arts  

From Ju Jitsu to Taekwondo, there are hundreds of different martial arts to choose from and teachers all around the West Midlands. You don’t have to be the next Jackie Chan to get involved, beginners are welcome. So why not get fit and learn to defend yourself in the process?   




If you’re in need of a new adventure in 2015 and have been possibly watching too much Spiderman, then mountaineering could be right up your street. Thankfully, we’re blessed to live near lots of beautiful countryside, just waiting to be climbed. The members of Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club do everything from climbing, skiing and caving; so there are lots of different activities to choose from. For those of you just looking to start out, there are always places like Boulder Central in West Bromwich, which contain much safer, indoor climbing facilities.


hay bike festival - Riding high in the Black Mountains. Picture by Athonypeasephotography.co.uk


Simple but effective, biking is a great way to work the muscles in your legs and allow you to explore the Midlands' beautiful countryside. If you don’t have a bike and are strapped for cash, second hand bikes are relatively cheap to buy and will last for years. Plus, you can ride it to work if you’re feeling brave enough! 



Swimming is great for doing an all-round muscle work out without straining any of your joints. It also releases endorphins and has the same effect as yoga on the body - perfect for stress relief. Also, the good thing about most swimming baths is that they have different sessions for different people, so if you want to swim in silence, with the family or at an all women’s night, you can!

Nadine Sanders got involved with Zumba a few years back and is now a class trainer


Yes it was a massive craze last year, but there’s a good reason for that! Unlike most exercise classes, Zumba is good at combating boredom by making exercise fun with upbeat music and an energetic atmosphere. Combining elements of hip-hop, salsa, squats, lunges and more, you know you’re going to have an intense work out.



When most people think of basketball, they think of America. However, the sport is actually growing more and more popular in the UK. So if you’re feeling a bit competitive, are up for some team work and fancy burning a lot of calories in the process, this could be the sport for you.

Fitness health running


Some people can find running by themselves boring. If you’re one of these people, why not hook up with an athletics team? The Wolves and Bilston Athletics Club are just one example of one of the many teams in the area that have events for children and adults alike.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby

For those of you that have seen the film ‘Whip It’, you may already have an idea about what this sport is about. However, take away the Hollywood and you get a bunch of girls getting fit and having a great time in the process.  There are teams in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury, so everyone has got a chance to get involved. Although, predominately a women’s sport, guys you are still needed as referees, coaches and there’s now even an all male team in Birmingham called ‘The Crash Test Brummie’s’. So no excuses! 



Here’s one for the map readers out there. Put away your sat nav, leave your Google Maps at home, because this is the ultimate challenge in directional skills. However, as well as exercising your brain cells, this activity also exercises your feet. The West Midlands Orienteering Association has got all the info on the different groups in the area, so get online and take a look. 

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