The glitter nail varnish survival guide

Glitter nails are fun and festive and a great way to finish that party look. However, when it comes to taking them off, it may as well be super glue.

The glitter nail varnish survival guide

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We’ve created the ultimate glitter nail varnish survival guide which will make the process totally painless. So it’s time to grab your nearest bottle of glitter, we’ve got it sorted – we promise!

No Picking

We’ve all been guilty of it... but when your nail varnish starts to chip, the worst thing you can do is try to pick it off. This could damage your nails so the second it starts to chip... take it off!

Soak it up

When the time has come for full removal, patience is key. Soak some cotton wool buds in nail varnish remover (forget the acetone stuff – it’s time to hit the serious bottle now.) Attach a soaked cotton wool bud to each of your nails and wrap around some aluminium foil so it will stay in place. Leave this on for a good 3 -5 minutes – we did say patience was key.

Get rid of strays

There’s always going to be a few pesky flakes that just won’t budge and when this happens it’s time to bring out the big guns. Get a nail buffer and lightly rub it across your nails and the flakes will eventually fall. Do not use a nail file as a buffer replacement - this will do more damage than good!

Take a break

Your nails have just been wrapped in foil and attacked with a buffer – give them a break! Leave it a few days before applying your next coat and in the mean time give them a little TLC. Try using a cuticle oil and hand and nail cream to get them back into tip top condition. 

By Beth Motherwell

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