This weeks games

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This weeks games

Old ones are the best – Civilization is back

Title: Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Complete Edition Platform: PC Genre: Strategy  Price: £29.99

The Civilization series continues to hook strategy fans, despite being the best part of two decades old. Its astonishing depth makes it the kind of game that can take over your life. The Complete Edition includes the original 2010 Game of the Year title, plus two critically-acclaimed expansion packs and all of the released add-on content. Playing as one of 43 historical leaders and waging war by land, sea, and air; conducting diplomacy and espionage; establishing religious beliefs; and discovering new technologies is a truly mind-blowing bundle of content. It’s pitched well for newbies as well as seasoned series followers. The extras offer countless new challenges. It’s a Civilization collector’s item for hard-core fans, and a world of wonder for those yet to embark on their journey for virtual world domination. 

Title: Horizon Platform: PC Genre: Strategy  Price: £24.99

Horizon is a whopping great space strategy game of galactic conquest, placing you in control of the small matter of humanity’s destiny! Once installed and up and running, your desktop becomes a means of incredible deep space exploration, where you can find new frontiers and discover alien artefacts hidden on long-abandoned planets. You’re not alone, though, as 10 other alien species – each with their own unique culture and history – inhabit this fully interactive galaxy. It won’t all be peaceful perusal of the stars and planets before you and, when the need arises, you must defend your territory by tackling ship-to-ship tactical combat. Such a huge storyline gives you every chance of completely losing yourself in the open-world system, while customisation options may mean many hours of engrossing gameplay are lost to weapon and ship tinkering before you even begin to venture out into the hundreds of star systems. 

Title: The Room Two Platform: iPad/iPhone Genre: Puzzle  Price: £1.99

If you haven’t had the pleasure of entering the first room, I’d recommend spending two or three hours in the dark with that mind-bending puzzler before taking on the expanded delights of what’s behind the second door. The Room Two is a greater game in every sense, and presents itself as a serious contender for the best app money can buy on your smartphone or tablet. Fusing atmospheric exploration with a series of fiendishly designed puzzles, you’re not actually consigned to four walls in this sequel, as the adventure stretches out across a number of environments with ingenious and intriguing artefacts and other ephemera forming the basis of the logic challenges ahead. The Room Two comfortably hurdles the impressively high benchmark the original game set, and is well worth two golden nuggets going spare in your pocket. 

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