Review: Titanfall

Our expert game reviewer had a look at Titanfall and it's not just Call of Duty with robots!

Review: Titanfall

That first adrenaline kick you get from hearing the notification as you step on to the battlefield - the cry from your commander “Your Titan is ready” still gives me goosebumps. 

I now find myself looking up at the heavens awaiting my giant robot killing machine to seamlessly drop from the skies as I press down on the D – Pad. My 20 foot titan then hits the battlefield ready for me to pilot – as the transition from soldier to a free running, jet powered, shooting machine takes place, I am all of a sudden thrown in to one of the most intense shooters to date.

This is just the beginning of something special, Respawn Entertainment have created a game that will certainly have your heart racing and blood pumping - put it this way, if you haven’t seen an explosion within a minute you’re playing it wrong. 

Titanfall is not just Call of Duty with robots, it feels fresh and exciting – Oh and it has giant 20 foot robots in it too, did I already mention that?

With the game focussed mainly on the brilliant fast paced 6v6 multiplayer, it’s not a game you can play alone; apart from a very useful tutorial. You have to rely on a connection to Microsoft’s dedicated servers. There is a commendable attempt to merge together a two-sided campaign into the multiplayer, in which the NPC faction commanders set out objectives to each battleground. Now, the problem I found with both sides of the campaign is that I couldn’t actually tell you what it’s about - apart from two separate factions at war with one another. The story seems to just blend into the background as the fast paced action takes over. Trying to stay alive is too distracting to care, despite it taking only 3 hours to complete both sides of the campaign it’s still more fun than any other first person shooter.

Titanfall is a little more than just a few minor adjustments to an already well mastered formula. For example – amongst the impressive 12 hefty combatants on the field there are also AI troops and spectres (Robot soldiers that are a little bit rougher than the bog standard enemy). These extra additions are merely there to up the drama and intensity, but they can also be quite useful, by taking out a group of them. You can speed up the introduction of your titan, they can also aid you in acclimatising to each map a little quicker. 

What I love about the game is the incredible abilities, mods, weapons and upgrades available, I found the cloaking ability which renders your soldier invisible as you sneak up on the industrial giants to be extremely useful. On top of that and many more abilities to take advantage of are a plethora of upgrades and weapon modifications, to equip a hefty grenade launcher with a force field to temporally protect me from incoming fire was something that had me hooked in seconds.

Now, what you are all dying to know is..... What are the class types for each titan? No? 

Well I’m going to tell you anyway. 

Each of the three specimens all feel very different and have their own useful tactical advantages. If you are a brawler and prefer the toe to toe approach then get yourself an ogre and equip him with a grenade launcher, together with a particle wall force field which will protect you from the side whilst you blast your way through the opposition. However, be aware that the stryder is a nifty little bot and will effectively run circles around you dropping bombs left, right and centre whilst offloading those chaingun rounds in your direction. The mac daddy of them all for me has to be Atlas, who you can experiment a little more with as you start to unlock the upgrades available. My favourite pairing was throwing a 40mm gauss like cannon together with a rocket salvo ordnance which would auto lock on to your enemy and would easily take care of those daring ogres and annoying stryders.

Above all else Titanfall is a game of memorable moments, like the time you and your friends teamed up to destroy the enemy dropship before takeoff, like the time you hacked at an enemy turret with a data knife, or like the time you were scaling down a titan before jumping a rooftop and landing in the cockpit. 

The sounds of each cannon and weapon comes with a huge bassy boom. The sights of a fellow titan tearing an enemies cockpit open and launching its pilot into oblivion is something special to behold indeed. These are all moments along with many more you will experience in what looks to be one of the best shooters to date.

The Verdict

For a debut title from the guys over at Respawn it’s a very welcome addition to a genre that has been gasping for something new and innovative. Despite playing safe with a few familiarities it is a game that once you pick it up, you’ll find it hard to put back down, especially as you try your very best to reach level 50 and then go through the 10 different generations (Think Prestige level from Call Of Duty).

It’s chaotic, fun, energetic and immaculately accessible. We think you will have this one held in your collection for a long time to come.

By Simon Hill       


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